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Syllabus :

Introduction to Machine Learning

Code: EE 523 | L-T-P-C : 3-0-0

Introduction to learning: Supervised and Unsupervised, Generative and Discriminative models, Classification and Regression problems; Feature selection, dimensionality reduction using PCA; Bayesian classification, Discriminative classifiers: Perceptrons, Multi-layer perceptron, RBF Networks, Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines; Unsupervised learning: EM Algorithm; K-Means clustering, DBSCAN, Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering, Density estimation in learning, Mean-shift clustering; Classification performance analysis; Ensemble methods: Ensemble strategies, boosting and bagging; Sequence Models: Hidden Markov Models, Probabilistic Suffix Trees; Applications and Case studies.

Texts / References:

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