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Syllabus :

Statistical Signal Processing

Code: EE 522 | L-T-P-C : 3-0-0

Stationary processes, Strict sense stationarity, Wide sense stationarity and Cyclostationarity for continuous time and discrete time random processes; Discrete time Markov processes, Spectral analysis of wide sense stationary processes, Synthesis models for white noise; Signal synthesis models, Detection of signals in noisy environments, Setting up Hypotheses for varied application scenarios, Simple Hypothesis and Composite Hypothesis, - Includes both the multi-state problem as well as uncertainties in the observation model parameters; Bayesian, MIN-MAX and Neyman-Pearson; Introduction to Sufficient statistics; channel sensing, signal detection, signal bandwidth estimation; Bayesian, Maximum Likelihood (ML), Minimum Mean Square estimation (MMSE) procedures; Fisher information and Cramer-Rao Bound; Applications to Kalman filter tracking; Introduction to Adaptive filters, Least Mean Squares (LMS) algorithm, Recursive least squares (RLS).

Texts / References:

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