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JUNE 24 to JUNE 30

Apply Before: June 2, 2023

Brochure Link: Click Here


 At this moment we are not accepting new request for participation in the workshop. If seats become available in near future, then we will inform the applicants accordingly.



Limited No. of seats:

  • Learn Job relevant skills for hardware
  • SERB certificate on completion
  • Training in lab of IIT Guwahati
  • Interaction with faculties of IIT Guwahati
  • Training, travel, stay and food expenses, sponsored by SERB.


Sponsored by

SERB under Accelerate Vigyan scheme

Organized by

IIT Guwahati



                      Power electronics is the electronics which is used to convert power from one form to another. It is the key technology in many applications like electric vehicles (EVs), renewable energies, power quality improvement, home appliances, power supply for different consumer electronics, battery charging, industrial drives, etc. In present times, knowledge and experience in power electronics hardware design is essential for engineers of disciplines like electrical and electronics engineering.

                   PCB (printed circuit board) and hardware design are one of the main requirements for many power electronics-related jobs. Students are usually familiar with very novice methods of PCB and electronic hardware designing. However, industry-grade PCB and hardware designing require knowledge of several concepts and tools which are generally not covered in any undergraduate or postgraduate curriculum. This workshop intends to bridge this gap and give hands-on training on standard PCB and hardware designing methods required for industries.

                  The workshop is going to give hands-on training on complete PCB designing – circuit simulation, making component library, good schematic practices, multi-layer PCB designing, making planes and polygons, DRC(design rule check) and ERC (electrical rule check) settings, cross-probing, layout rules, signal integrity, different types of grounds, routing mixed signal PCB and power electronic PCB, etc.

                  For hardware designing, the workshop is going to provide knowledge of – various commonly used electronic components, their important specifications and how to read datasheets, how to understand big schematics, different packages and corresponding footprints of electronic components, resources to obtain examples of existing designs and finding components, how to avoid ground loops, etc.

                 The workshop is going to give hands-on training on soldering PCB, testing hardware, and how to use equipment like oscilloscopes, function generators, probes, etc. Further, knowledge of microcontroller programming is always helpful for power electronic designs.

                   Therefore, the workshop also intends to give hands-on training on introductory microcontroller programming.




• Familiarity with electronic components
• Designing circuits & reading datasheets
• Circuit simulation using LT Spice
• Design of Schematic using Altium
• PCB design using Altium
• Training on design of multilayer, mixed signal and power electronics PCBs
• Familiarity with test equipment for power electronics
• Hardware testing
• Introduction to Microcontrollers
• Training on Arduino Programming


Dr. Shabari Nath, Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Electrical Eng., IIT Guwahati

Dr. Manas Khatua, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Eng., IIT Guwahati

Mr. Paban Bujor Barua, Technical Officer, Dept. of Electronics & Electrical Eng., IIT Guwahati


1.    Interested students have to fill up their details in the application link, provided below (and at the end of this flyer). The last date to fill up the form is June 2, 2023 (5:00 pm).

       Application Link: https://forms.gle/pbPniMaxemrUP6jX8

2.    Applicants shall be selected based on shortlisting criteria decided by an empowered committee of IIT Guwahati. The decision of which shall be final

3.    The first list of shortlisted candidates will be offered a seat in the Hands-on workshop by June 5, 2023

4.    The shortlisted candidates need to accept the offer, by submitting a Demand Draft (DD) of Rs. 4000/-. This deposit is for reserving the seat in the Hands-on workshop. The details of DD must be uploaded online within 2 days of receiving the offer.

5.    If the shortlisted candidate fails to submit the details of DD within the stipulated time, it will be assumed that the candidate is not interested to attend the workshop. And the offer shall be given to the next candidate in the list of applicants

6.    It must be noted that applicants are not being charged any fee for the workshop. The DD of Rs. 4000/- will not be encashed till June 30th 2023. AFTER SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the workshop by the candidate, DD SHALL BE RETURNED TO THE CANDIDATE ON 30th JUNE 2023, by hand at IIT Guwahati. The DD is taken only to ensure full participation and to avoid “no-show up by participants” and seats remaining vacant at the workshop.

7.    If a candidate after accepting the offer does not show up in the workshop or shows up and does not complete the workshop, then his/her DD will not be returned and shall be encashed by IIT Guwahati. Under no circumstances, the received DD shall be sent back via post. 

8.    Candidates are supposed to send the DD only after they receive the offer and not at the time of application.

9.    Travel allowance  (TA) will be given to participants as per GoI norms. Accommodation will be provided as per availability of hostels. 


 Research scholars and post graduate students with background in electrical or electronics or related areas. The applicant should be a bonafide student of an accredited institute/college/university in India.


Participants attending all sessions successfully will be provided SERB KARYASHALA course completion certificate.


Last Date of registration: 2nd June 2023 (5 pm)

Date of Notification to selected applicants: On or before 5th June 2023

Workshop dates: 24-30th June 2023


Workshop Coordinator

Dr. Shabari Nath

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Office: 0361-258-3463

Email: pe.vigyan@iitg.ac.in

Workshop Co-Coordinator

Dr. Manas Khatua

  Assistant Professor

  Department of Computer Science and Engineering

IIT Guwahati

Office: 0361-258-3258