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Objectives of the Department

The Department of Civil Engineering IIT Guwahati since its formation has been striving hard to improve the civil aspects of India and is considered to be the pioneer in the region in this aspect. Our department holds the fame of being one of the best in training responsible, accurate and efficient civil engineers in the country. The following are the objectives of the department:

Long Term Objectives

  • To make available the state-of-the-art technical knowledge to local communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations for infrastructure improvement and its maintenance in the North-Eastern region.
  • To analyze and suggest possible improvements to the existing technologies used by local populations affecting their lives such as: Earthquake resistant low-cost housing (with application of local construction materials), Flood mitigation, Water logging and Salinity problems, Irrigation requirements, Soil erosion and Landslide mitigation, Improvement of transportation linkages, Water supply systems and Environmental awareness programmes in the rural areas; and Improvement in sanitation and drainage in urban areas.
  • Constant endeavor to maintain the various laboratories with the state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Striving to attract and retain high quality faculty and competent support staff.
  • To establish linkages with academic and research institutes, nationally and internationally, for academic/research exchange programs for student/faculty.
  • To develop active linkages with industry in order to derive mutual academic and research benefits.

Short Term Objectives

  • Designing relevant and innovative curriculum for under-graduate and graduate courses.
  • Developing the state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for teaching and research.
  • Identifying research areas having direct relevance in this region with emphasis to field application.
  • Developing web-based learning tools for under-graduate and graduate students.
  • Creation of systematic backup of departmental knowledge base such as development of individual course files for theory as well as experiments (soft copies), procuring relevant codes and practice manuals required for civil engineers and setting up of Departmental Library for ease in accessibility.


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