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General Information


  1. There is no application fee.

  2. Only those candidates appearing in the 3rd Year of their B.E./B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering are eligible for this program. But mere possession of the minimum qualification does not entitle a candidate to be offered a position for summer training.

  3. Candidates may contact faculty members in the Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati, for their consent as supervisor and can identify possible projects for summer training prior to their application. Candidates having consent from the supervisor can send the signed Application Form mentioning the name of the supervisor along with a letter of reference from the HOD/Supervisor of the parent University/Institution and the same must be submitted before the last date of application.

  4. Incomplete applications NOT in the prescribed format without the name of the supervisor, cover letter, the letter of reference from the parent Institute and the application not signed will be rejected.

  5. Important Dates

    • Last Date of Application: 28th February
    • Notification to Candidate (in departmental webpage): 18th March
    • Tentative Date of Registration: 15th May

  6. The Department of Civil Engineering reserves the right to fill or not to fill any or all the positions.

  7. Laboratory/Library/Computer Centre may be used for academic purpose only with prior approval from the person in-charge (in this context, the candidate should note that the regular students (whole time/part time) of the department receive priority to use these facilities for their Alma matters). However, anybody found misusing these facilities (like chatting, surfing, playing music or videos) will be barred from these facilities without prior notice/warning. Furthermore, anybody found mishandling/misusing these facilities, which leads to damage to will be held responsible to reimburse them.

  8. No stipend will be offered by the Dept. of Civil Engineering or IITG. However, in exceptional cases, supervisor may provide financial help from his research/consultancy projects as per Institutes rule.

  9. Candidates may stay in the hostels within IITG Campus, which will be allotted as per Institutes rule.

  10. Any change of address should be communicated at once to the office of Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati.

  11. For any other information, one may contact: 

                     Office of HOD

                     Dept. of Civil Engineering

                     Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

                     Tel:  + 91-361-258-2450

                     Fax: + 91-361-258-2440

                     email: hodce@iitg.ernet.in, hodcivil@iitg.ernet.in


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