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Geotechnical engineering specialization was started under civil engineering department in 2005. Since its inception, all the faculties, students, research scholars and associated lab staff have actively contributed to its development. The laboratory is equipped to perform all the necessary basic characterization of soils, rocks and geosynthetics along with several advanced testing facilities. The vision of this division is to utilize the state-of-the art knowledge for solving problems related to subsurface.

The subsurface which includes soils and rocks is the ultimate load bearing stratum. Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with the engineering behavior of subsurface or earth materials. It includes (a) soil mechanics, which is essential to identify, characterize and study the mechanics of soil/rock and (b) applied soil mechanics, which transfers the behavioral knowledge to practice. This includes investigating existing subsurface conditions and materials; determining their engineering behavior that are relevant to the project considered, assessing risks posed by site conditions; designing earthworks and foundations.

A typical geotechnical engineering laboratory helps in identifying the engineering behavior of geomaterials (soils and rocks) and byproducts such as fly ash etc. There are different physical, chemical and geotechnical properties determined in the laboratory that is required for identifying the geomaterials. This information is used by geotechnical engineer for designing the type of foundations, earthworks such as dams, embankments, tunnels, reservoirs, pavement subgrades, and specialized applications like waste containment systems. The preciseness of such design is entirely based on the experimental information obtained from a geotechnical laboratory. Therefore, geotechnical engineering laboratory has a great role to play in rendering the subsurface a safe and stable load bearing medium.





Various Laboratory equipment for Soils

  • Physical characterization
  • Compressibility and Swelling tests
  • Compaction
  • Flow parameters characterization
  • Strength characterization

Geosynthetics testing

Rock Testing

Advanced Instrumentations

Cyclic Triaxial Testing system

Multi Channnel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) Testing

Cross-hole testing

Down-hole testing


Block Vibration Test Setup


Soil Chemistry Analyzer


Stress-path Controlled Triaxial Test Setup


Ion Chromatograph


Geotextile Testing Apparatus


Apparatus for Unsaturated Soil Characterization


Volumetric Water Content Sensors


Apparatus for Analyzing Thermal Property of Soils


Automated Data Acquisition Systems

Model Testing Facilities

Foundation model testing for Bearing Capacity

(through loading frame)

Retaining wall model testing

Physical Characterization




Apparatus to estimate Specific Surface Area


Apparatus to carry out EGME investigation


Dessicating Apparatus

Permeability Characterization


Guelph Permeameter (Field Setup)


Compressibility and Swelling Characterization





Strength Characterization


Ordinary Triaxial Apparatus


Direct Shear Test Apparatus

  • Apparatus for testing conventional sample sizes
  • Apparatus for testing big sample sizes


Unconfined Compression Strength (UCS) Test Apparatus


Vane Shear Test Apparatus

Rock Testing


Compression Testing Apparatus for Testing Strength of Rocks


Brazilian Test Apparatus for Testing Tensile Strength of Rocks


Point Load Test Apparatus for Index Classification of Rocks


Plaxis 2D

Plaxis 3D

Geostudio 2007





Soil Vision Professional V4X


SHAKE 2000





Major research area includes:

  • Soil characterization
  • Shallow and Deep foundations
  • Reinforced soil structures
  • Seismic stability of slopes and retaining walls
  • Design of offshore foundations
  • Field instrumentation and testing
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • Geo-environmental engineering
  • Soil dynamics
  • Seismic hazards of Urban Centers
  • Analysis and design of machine foundations
  • Engineering seismology
  • Seismic soil-structure interaction
  • Landslides



Abhishek Kumar (Associate Professor)
Research Interests:

Seismic hazards of Urban Centers

Ground Motion Simulations


Seismic hazard for Nuclear Power Plants

Site response studies for deep basins

Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) and Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)

Subsoil Investigations and Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Dynamics

Dynamic testing’s on Piles

Ground Improvement, Reinforced earth structures

Deep Excavations

Arindam Dey (Associate Professor)

Research Interests:

Geosynthetic engineering applications in pavement and railway geotechnics

Optimization and soft computing in geotechnical engineering,

Seismic health monitoring using active and ambient vibrations,

Numerical modeling in geotechnical engineering, Stability of ash dykes and embankments

Landslides and slope stability analysis
Reliability and uncertainty analysis in geotechnical engineering

Subsurface profiling and soil investigation
Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering


Anil Kumar Mishra (Associate Professor)

Research Interests:

Effect of contaminants on bentonite

Swelling-Shrinkage behaviour of clay

On the use of fly ash as a liner material at waste disposal site
Unsaturated soil mechanics

Baleshwar Singh (Professor)

Research Interests:

Marine geotechnology

Soil stabilization

Modelling of deep foundations

Pavement subgrade, characterization and modification


Ravi K. (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests:

Geo-environmental engineering

Geo-energy systems

Engineering behaviour of unsaturated soils

Research on hazardous waste management

Sreedeep S. (Professor)

Research Interests:

Behavioral Studies on Unsaturated Porous Media Characterization of Geomaterials (soils and rocks) Thermal Characteristics of Geomaterials Contaminant Transport and Retention Studies

Waste Containment Studies

Utilization of Wastes


T. V. Bharat (Associate Professor)

Research Interests:

Engineering behavior of clays,

Design of landfill liners,

Mechanics of unsaturated soils

Settlement behavior of slurried mineral wastes

Inverse analysis of geotechnical & geoenvironmental engineering problems


Samarjyoti Kalita

(Technical Officer Grade II)

Hari Ram Upadhyaya

(Technical Superintendent)





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