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Dr. Indu Siva Ranjani G

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Infrastructure is a basic system that a country or an organization uses in order to work efficiently. M.Tech Programme on Infrastructure Engineering and Management gives an in-depth insight on the management techniques with extensive real-world learning opportunities along with the emphasis on preparing to take on professional responsibilities. It gives the necessary tools and techniques that will be required in order to succeed in one of the world's most dynamic and rewarding industries.

The M.Tech. Programme on Infrastructure Engineering and Management started in the year 2011. This Programme has been started with the basic objective of creating future infrastructure managers who will be responsible for managing and implementing large and complex infrastructure projects. Accordingly, the programme has been designed to introduce the students to the techno-managerial aspects related with the development of infrastructure projects over its whole lifecycle. This master degree course follows a four semester system. In the first two semesters, the postgraduate students are exposed to advanced courses of infrastructure engineering and management, whereas in the last two semesters, the students are given the opportunity to pursue research on various issues and challenges encountered in implementation and management of infrastructure projects. The advanced courses which are offered in the Programme covers the critical topics affecting infrastructure engineering and management such as Financing Infrastructure Projects, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Economic and Financial Analysis of Infrastructure Projects, Political and Social Perspectives of Infrastructure Planning, Planning and Management of Infrastructure Projects, Equipment Management, and Construction Materials.


Project Management Laboratory with well-equipped computing facilities along with the state of the art project management and infrastructure planning softwares such as MS Projects, Primavera Project Planner, and Autodesk Revit Building Suite.

Some of the quantitative analyses carried out in this laboratory include:

  • Financial modelling of infrastructure projects
  • Construction cost estimation and rate development
  • Earned value analysis of infrastructure projects
  • Resource driven scheduling
  • nDimensional modelling of built facilities
  • Risk analysis and assessment of infrastructure projects




Ongoing Ph.D Thesis

  • Framework for enhancing sustainability of PPP procurement process for infrastructure development
  • Modelling and dynamic simulation of the interaction (soil-bulldozer blade) process
  • Stakeholder management of PPP water sector projects
  • Framework to facilitate incorporation of relational contracting principles in Indian construction industry
  • Solid waste management through PPPs using decision support systems
  • Performance of concrete subjected to chloride solutions, sulphate solutions and composite solutions of chloride and sulphate ions

Ongoing Post-Graduate Thesis

  • Procurement option analysis for PPP waste water projects
  • Analysis of impact of pre-construction practices on success of a construction project
  • Decision support system for procurement option selection for municipal solid waste projects
  • Pre-constriction risk management in infrastructure development projects

Completed Post-Graduate Thesis

  • A study of assessment of public private partnership projects in terms of sustainability
  • Enhancement of private operators skill sets of outsourced operation & maintenance works of water treatment plant – a case study

Ongoing Under-Graduate Thesis

  • Implementation of building information modelling in PPP projects in India
  • PPP and climate change mitigation
  • Sustainable development and PPP in Infrastructure

Completed Under-Graduate Thesis

  • Building information modelling in construction projects
  • Risk based life cycle costing of public private partnership project
  • Solid waste management through public private partnership
  • Public private partnership in waste water sector
  • Value management in public private partnership projects
  • Decision making model for selection of transportation system
  • Approaches for contractor selection in construction industry
  • Risk analysis and management in Indian construction industry
  • Implementation of lean construction in IIT Guwahati
  • Multi criteria decision making model for selection of private partnership models




Bulu Pradhan (Professor)

   Durability studies in concrete
   Sustainable concrete materials
   Corrosion of steel reinforcement and protection measures
   High performance concrete
   Non-destructive testing of concrete structures
   Construction management
   Construction finance


Laishram Boeing Singh (Professor)

   Public Private Partnerships
   Risk Management
   Sustainable Infrastructure Development
   Integrated Procurement Systems
   Construction Managementand Construction Informatics



Indu Siva Ranjani G  (Assistant Professor)

Light weight concrete (Foam concrete)

Durability related studies on concrete

Shrinkage behaviour and thermal performance of concrete

Sustainable materials in construction

Lean concepts of construction

Construction management



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