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Departmental Committees

DUPC Committee

Prof. Subashisa Dutta Chairman
Dr. Rajan Choudhary (Transportation Systems Engineering) Convener
Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra(Geotechnical Engineering) Member
Prof. Mohammad Jawed(Environmental Engineering) Member
Dr. Sreeja P. (Water Resources Engineering) Member
Dr. Laishram Boeing Singh (Infrastructure Engineering and Management ) Member
Dr. Kaustubh Dasgupta(Structural Engineering) Member

DPPC Committee

Prof. Subashisa Dutta Chairman
Dr. Bulu Pradhan(Infrastructure Engineering and Management ) Convener
Prof. Arbind K. Singh(Structural Engineering) Member
Dr. T.V Bharat(Geotechnical Engineering) Member
Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad(Environmental Engineering) Member
Prof. Arup K. Sarma(Water Resources Engineering ) Member
Dr. Archana M Nair(Earth System Science Engineering) Member
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Maurya(Transportation Systems Engineering ) Member
Prof. Ujjwal K. Saha(Department of Mechanical Engineering) Member
Mr. Partha Das (Roll No. 146104039, Ph.D. student) Member
Mr. Venkatesh Kishor Panchariya (Roll No. 154104057, M.Tech. student) Member

Library Committee

Dr. Arunasis Chakraborty(Structural Engineering) Convener
Prof. Saswati Chakraborty(Environmental Engineering) Member
Prof. Baleshwar Singh( Geotechnical Engineering) Member
Prof. Gautam Barua(Water Resources Engineering ) Member
Dr. Laishram Boeing Singh( Infrastructure Engineering and Management ) Member
Dr. Ajay Dashora(Earth System Science Engineering) Member
Dr. Teiborlang L. Ryntathiang(Transportation Systems Engineering ) Member


Dr. Sandip Das Structural Engineering Laboratory
Dr. Arindam Dey Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Dr. Anjan Kumar S Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Dr. Suresh Kartha Water-Resources Engineering Laboratory
Dr. Harsha Kota Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Dr. Ajay Dashora Surveying  Laboratory
Dr. Amit Shelke Computational  Laboratory
Dr. Rishikesh Bharti Geology  and Earth Science Laboratory
Dr. Indu Siva Ranjani G Infrastructure  Laboratory

Faculty Advisor

Dr. A. K. Mishra 2011 Batch
Dr. G. Barua 2012 Batch
Dr. Arindam Dey 2013 Batch
Dr. K. Dasgupta 2014 Batch
Dr. Harsha Kota 2015 Batch
Dr. Arunasis Chakraborty 2016 Batch

Departmental Coordinator

Dr. Abhishek Kumar Time-Table
Prof. Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya Training Placement and Summer Training
Dr. Bimlesh Kumar Website
Dr. Hrishikesh Sharma International Student Affairs
Dr. Ravi K Meeting and Faculty Facility Improvement

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