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Environmental Engineering

  • Project: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Proposed Landfill and Treatment Facility site for Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) at Garchug, Guwahati
    Client: ---

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Project: Preliminary soil investigation of BSNL building at Shillong
    Client: ---

Structural Engineering

  • Project: Finite element analysis of pile foundation involving soil-structure interaction
    Client: N.F. Railway

  • Project: Proof checking of a four lane skew bridge
    Client: PWD, Assam

  • Project: Earthquake analysis of a three span railway steel bridge
    Client: N.F. Railway

  • Project: Earthquake analysis of a four span railway pre-stressed bridge
    Client: N.F. Railway

  • Project: Evaluation of structural integrity of DM plant and Administrative Building
    Client: IOCL, Noonmati

  • Project: Erection of Tower on the roof of various Telephone Exchange Building at Shillong
    Client: BSNL

  • Project: Detailed structural design, preparation of working drawing suitable for construction of the proposed ICE (shop) expansion
    Client: Oil India Limited, Duliajan

  • Project: Design of Gas Compressor Foundation
    Client: Assam Gas Company, Duliajan

  • Project: Proof checking for design of railway over bridge (ROB) near Changsari, Guwahati
    Client: --

Transportation Engineering

  • Project: Traffic engineering and issues related to road safety
    Client: NHAI
  • Project: Pavement Design
    Client: ---

  • Project: Characterization of pavement materials
    Client: ---

  • Project: Structural and functional evaluation of pavements
    Client: ---

Water Resources Engineering

  • Project: North Eastern Region Urban Development Project - An Asian Development Bank funded project of Govt. of India [working as Consultant, Drainage Engineering]
    Client: Lea Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

  • Project: Analyzing Flow Characteristic of Brahmaputra for Water Sports
    Client: National Games Secretariat

  • Project: Protection of Sualkuchi Area from Erosion of River Brahmaputra
    Client: Water Resources Department, Govt. of Assam

  • Project: Preparation of DSI for Hydel Project of Manipur
    Client: MANIREDA, Manipur

  • Project: Investigation of Namdang Silasaku
    Client: District Authority, Sibsagar

  • Project: Evaluation and Validation of Prefab. Prototype Construction of Additional Classroom and School Building for flood prone area
    Client: DPEP, SSA

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