Prof. Ramagopal V. S. Uppaluri


Key Research Areas :Process Engineering – Solar pumps Process-product engineering – Refractance Window drying, Ultrasound-assisted extraction, Chitosan derivatives, Bio-fertilizer, Value-added and Low-cost food and functional food products, Adsorptive wastewater treatment; Product Design – Ayurvedic and Horticultural products, Amine impregnated zeolites, Bi-metallic catalysts, Waste to value products; Computational – Machine learning based solid waste management; Indian knowledge systems – Holistic Medicine, Vedanta and Science, Consciousness studies

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Dr. Ramagopal V. S. Uppaluri
Professor (Equivalent to Higher Academic Grade)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati
Guwahati, Assam, India – 781039
Ph:   +913612582260
Fax: +91361258 2291
Mobile: +919957561840

Affiliation at IITG

1. Department of Chemical Engineering
2. School of Agro and Rural Technology
3. Center for the Environment
4. Center for Indian Knowledge Systems
5. Center for Sustainable Water Research


Ongoing Research


  • Process Engineering - Solar pumps
  • Process-product Engineering – Rice husk based nano/micro silica and carbon for rural concrete applications
  • Product Design – Ready to Cook Mixed vegetable Soup formulations; Ready to eat Papaya based Cookies; Catechins based fuctions tea product; Ready to eat Squash, Pumpkin and Papaya based Chips; Elephant grass-based bio-ethanol, cellulose, and lignin based value-added product developement; Milk latte formations and Processing; Dry Ayurvedic Kwath formualtions and Processing; Potassium carbonate impregnated zeolites for CO2 seperation; Bio-char for pesticide mitigation in north-east India
  • ComputationalMachine learning applications for the prediction and forecasting of greenhouse gas and particular matters emissions
  • Indian Knowledge Systems - Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy, Holistic Wellness; Consciousness Studies; Vedanta and Science; Value-education


Past Research

  • Process Engineering  Bio-mass pyrolysis
  • Process-product Engineering  Multi-heavy removal from waste streams using chitosan-based derivatives; Jeevamrutha bio-fertilizer; Refractance Window Drying based turmeric powder products; Ultrasound-assisted extraction based horticultural extracts; Ceramic membrane-based vegetable processing applications; Chitosan derivative and activated charcoal-based Pd adsorption from synthetic electroless plating solutions; Microfiltration of oil-water emulsions and fruit juices using low-cost ceramic membranes; Mass transfer enhanced electroless plating processes; Surfactant enhanced oil recovery
  • Product Design Pt-V and Ru-V catalysis for green production of bio-energy products; Low cost ceramic and polymer-ceramic membranes; PVA-Starch based wound dressing films; Ready to cook leafy and non-leafy soup formulations; Electroless plating based silver composite membranes; Electroless plating based Pd composite membranes; Polymer-natural fiber composites
  • Computational - Machine learning applications for large scale municipal solid waste management, Modeling, and Optimization of hole cleaning process in oil/gas drilling operations; Differential evolution based optimization of MSF, RO and hybrid MSF-RO processes; Inverse analysis of transient conduction-radiation phenomena; Virtual Labs