Prof. Ramagopal V. S. Uppaluri


Key Research Areas :Process Engineering – Solar pumps Process-product engineering – Refractance Window drying, Ultrasound-assisted extraction, Chitosan derivatives, Bio-fertilizer, Value-added and Low-cost food and functional food products, Adsorptive wastewater treatment; Product Design – Ayurvedic and Horticultural products, Amine impregnated zeolites, Bi-metallic catalysts, Waste to value products; Computational – Machine learning based solid waste management; Indian knowledge systems – Holistic Medicine, Vedanta and Science, Consciousness studies

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Dr. Ramagopal V. S. Uppaluri
Professor (Equivalent to Higher Academic Grade)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati
Guwahati, Assam, India – 781039
Ph:   +913612582260
Fax: +91361258 2291
Mobile: +919957561840

Affiliation at IITG

1. Department of Chemical Engineering
2. School of Agro and Rural Technology
3. Center for the Environment
4. Center for Indian Knowledge Systems
5. Center for Sustainable Water Research


  1. Aritra Das, Uppaluri R., Chandan Das, Muktashree Saha, Manish Kumar Gupta, Latha Rangan, Cost Effective Composition of Wound Dressing Compatible Polymer Hydrogel Composite Films, Indian Patent filed (App No. 202131059065, dated 17th Dec 2021).
  2. Hanumanth Reddy P., Nageswara Rao P., Uppaluri R. and Ramureddi R., Conversion of Glycerol to Lactic Acid, Indian patent filed (App No. 202131057709, dated 11th Dec 2021). 
  3. Syam U.A., De M., and Uppaluri R., Cost effective method and composition for fabrication of nano-metal particle implanted porous materials, Indian patent No. 316304, Application No. (TEMP/E-1/4356/2017-KOL).
  4. Agarwal A., Pujari M., Uppaluri R. and Verma A. Composition and Method for Dense Palladium Ceramic Composite Membrane Fabrication, Indian Patent No. 304884 (Application No. 612/KOL/2014).
  5. Pujari M., Agarwal A., Uppaluri R. and Verma A. Composition and Method for Dense Palladium Composite Membrane Fabrication, Indian Patent No. 298916 (Application No. 1150/KOL/2013).
  6. Prem Kumar B., Uppaluri R., De D. S., Purkait M. K., (2011).  Surfactant Composition and Method for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Aqueous Surfactant Composition, Indian Patent No. 245703 (Application No. 597/KOL/2007).