The department of chemical engineering started functioning in 2002 with a total area of 3220 m2. In the academic arena the Department offers bachelors, masters and doctoral programme in chemical engineering. The masters program offers two specializations namely Petroleum Science and Technology (PST) and Material Science and Technology (MST). The faculty members in the Department are experts in traditional and in the interdisciplinary domains ranging from nanotechnology, bio-engineering, complex fluids to molecular simulations. The total number of students graduating from the bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes in the last five years is 162, 146, and 21, respectively. The alumni from the Department are placed in the very respectable positions in the academia and industry. The Department hosts a number of undergraduate laboratories, namely: fluid mechanics, mechanical operations, process control, mass transfer, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and reaction engineering, composed of at least 50 grass root level l facilities with numerous servers and a centralized High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC). The students are given hands on training in the computational domains through the software used in chemical engineering domain such as Accelrys, Amber 12.0, Mathematica, Chemcad, Ansys Fluent, CFDEM, COMSOL, UNISEM and Gaussian.

The department also houses the Centre for Sustainable Polymers (Sus-Pol), which is financed by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India.