The department possesses well built experimental setups with process automation and computer interfaces. The department presently has Fluid mechanics, Mechanical operations, Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Reaction engineering, Process Control and Thermodynamics laboratories. Different equipment for Undergraduate and Postgraduate laboratories are summarized as follows:

1. Fluid Mechanics Lab

Bernouli's apparatus, Centrifugal pump test rig, Flow meter demonstration set up, Flow through nozzle meter, Fluidized bed apparatus, Losses in bends and fittings, Losses in pipe, Reciprocating pump test rig, Reynolds apparatus and Pitot tube set up.

2. Mechanical Operations Lab

Ball mill, Froth floatation cell, Hammer mill, Jaw crusher, Roll crusher, Plate and frame filtration, Rotary drum Vacuum filter, Vibrating screen, Sieve shaker, Cyclone separator, Cyclone Scrubber, Elutriator, Sedimentation, Leaf Filter.

3. Heat Transfer Lab

Heat transfer service unit with extended area apparatus, Heat transfer service unit with tubular heat exchanger, Jacketed vessel on heat transfer service unit, Plate heat exchanger, Shell and tube heat exchanger

4. Mass Transfer Lab

Double glass wall distillation apparatus,  Bublle cap distillation set up, Packed bed distillation set up, Mass transfer with and without chemical reactin, Liquid - liquid extraction in packed bed, Solid liquid extraction in packed bed, Absorption in packed bed, Vapour in air diffusion, Rotary drier, Forced Draft tray drier, Experimental cooling tower.

5. Reaction Engineering Lab

Packed bed reactor, Trickle bed reactor, RTD studies in CSTR, RTD studies in plug flow reactor, Cascade CSTR, Condensation polymerization reactor, Emulsion polymerization reactor, Adiabatic batch reactor.

6. Process control Lab

Two Tank Non-Interacting System, Two Tank Interacting System, Control Valve Characteristics, Temperature Control Trainer, Pressure Control Triner, Flow Control Trainer, Level Vontrol Trainer, Cascade Control Trainer, First-Order and Second-Order System, Multi Process Trainer, Multi Varriable Control Trainer, PLC Trainer.

7. Thermodynamics Lab

Vapour liquid equilibrium apparatus, Liquid liquid equilibria, Equillibrium Flash Distillation Apparatus, Separating & Throttling Calorimeter.

8. Petroleum Lab

Acidity and Alkalimetry, Aniline point, Burning test lamp, Cloud & Pour Point, Flash & Fire Point, Melting point apparatus, Red wood Viscometer, Reid vapour presure, Smoke point, U -Tube Viscometer, ASTM Distillation.