Established by Ministry of Water Resources(MoWR), Govt. of India
B.P.Chaliha chair has taken up a broad project entitled “Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources of Brahmaputra Basin”. Under the framework of this project several sub-projects in the form of Student Project and Sponsored Research Project have been taken up.
Following are the projects that are initiated /completed under the guidance of B.P.Chaliha Chair.
Student projects: A total of 23 student projects related to water resources of Brahmaputra Basin with emphasis on climate change have been completed / undertaken under the guidance of the chair professor till Sept 2014.
  • Mr. Ram Randhir Kumar, an undergraduate student has completed a project on "Design of Rain Water Harvesting System Considering Climate Change” (May-2010).

  • Ms. Durga Sarma has completed her M.Tech Thesis on “Analysis of Extreme Streamflow Condition in Brahmaputra River” (July-2010).

  • Mr. Shyamal Deka, an Engineer of Brahmaputra Board, was admitted for Master level study at IIT Guwahati, as per the MoU for the Chairs and he has completed his M.Tech Thesis on the topic “Impact of Climate Change on Precipitation Characteristics of Brahmaputra Basin” (July-2011)

  • Mr. S. Patowary has completed his M.Tech Thesis on “Channel Routing Considering Piedmont Zone” (July 2011).

  • Ms. R. Laltleipuii has completed her M.Tech Thesis on “A Study on Seasonal Variation of Rainfall in Guwahati” (July-2011).

  • Ms. R. Vinnarashi has completed her dissertation on “Impact of climate change on rainfall and stream flow of dhansiri basin ” (2012)

  • Mr. S.Thapeta has started his dissertation on “Generalized method of steady state flow analysis in compound channel considering momentum transfer mechanism”(2012)

  • Mr. Abhirath has started a B.Tech project on “Determination of peak flow for a semi urban area ” (2012).

  • Mr. Mr. Sarat Chandra has completed a B.Tech project on “Hydraulic design of drainage system in semi urban area”(2012)

  • Mr. Bedabrata kalita of NIT Silchar has worked on a summer project “Impact of climate change on stream flow of river Brahmaputra at pandughat station” (2012)

  • Ms. Jayshree Hazarika has completed her M.Tech dissertation on “GCM based Fuzzy Clustering for Identifying Homogeneous Climatic Region in Brahmaputra Basin” [2013]

  • Mr. S. Lal, has completed a B.Tech project on “Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on The Precipitation of Brahmaputra Basin” 2013

  • Mr. Nawant Kumar has completed a B.Tech project on “Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Morphological parameters for River Brahmaputra From Dibrugarh – Dhubri (Assam) Using Arc-Gis Software”[2014]

  • Mr. Ankit Kumar has completed a B.Tech project on “Sediment Load Calculation Tool (Matlab based tool)”[2014]

  • Mr. Chandra Upadhaya has completed a M.Tech project on “Eco-Index: Indicator of Hydrologic Alteration due to Hydropower Project” [2014]

  • Mr. Rohan Kar has completed M.Tech Project on “Geomorphological Issues in Hydrodynamic Modelling of River: Special Reference to Brahmaputra” [2014]

  • Mr. Swarup Dangar has started M.Tech project on “ANN model for estimating sediment transport of Brahmaputra River”[ongoing]

  • Miss Bandita Barman has started M.Tech project on “River modeling for investigating effect of river mining on the river morphology[ongoing]

  • Mr. Utpal Sarma, Director of RS Division of Assam Remote Sensing Application Center is working as a PhD research scholar on “Satellite RS based study on forest degradation of Northeast India and its impact on climate” [ongoing]

  • Mr. Shyamal Deka, Asst Engg., Brahmaputra Board is working for his PhD on the topic “Reservoir Simulation Considering climate change scenario” [ongoing]

  • Mr. Shivam is working for his PhD on Managing Water Resources and Agriculture Considering Impact of Climate Change and Uncertainty Issues Associated with It [ongoing]

  • Mr. Abdul Karim of Ethiopia is working for his PhD on “A Comparative study on Impact of Climate Change on Two River Basins: One from Brahmaputra Basin and the other from Ethiopia [ongoing]

  • Ms. Jayshree Hazarika is working for her PhD on “Fuzzy Clustering and GCM Downscaling for Predicting Streamflow Considering Uncertainty [ongoing].

Sponsored Research Projects:
  • A collaborative project with Brahmaputra Board titled “Mathematical Model of Brahmaputra River Considering Impact of Climate Change” has been started. This project proposal was initiated by B.P.Chaliha Chair professor immediately after taking responsibility of the chair. After long pursuance finally the MoU has been signed in Sept. 2014 between Brahmaputra and IIT Guwahati to take up this ever needed project.

  • The Chair along with Dr. R.K.Bhattacharjya, Associate Prof, CE Dept., has received a DST project on “A numerical Modelling Based Study for Assessing Quality of Ground Water of Bharalu River Basin of Guwahati City” [received on Sept. 2014]

  • The Chair along with Dr. M.K.Goya, Assistant Prof, CE Dept., has received a project on “An Integrated Approach for Snowmelt Hydrological Modelling at Downstream of Sikkim Glaciers” [received on Sept. 2014]

  • A project titled “Climatic Data Collection from Tea Garden and Other Sources of Northeast India for Climate Change Study has been completed on March 2012”. The basic objective of this project was to collect climatic data and to understand various water related problems faced by different organizations and community. As a part of this project solutions were suggested to various tea gardens to mitigate their water related problem. It is to be noted that understanding possible impact of climate change, several gardens has implemented the idea of rain water harvesting for better management of water and could get immediate benefit in production.

  • As evaluating performance of hydraulic structure in Brahmaputra Basin under the impact of climate change was considered as one of the objectives of B.P. Chaliha Chair, Pending comprehensive modelling of Brahmaputra River, B.P. Chaliha Chair started the project Mathematical Modeling of Main-Stem Brahmaputra for Evaluating Effect of Climate Change on Hydraulic Structure. To have optimal combination of river training work for various purposes including protection of river-bank from erosion a 2D linked simulation optimization model has already been developed and its capability has been tested in erosion affected reach of Brahmaputra River. As an outcome of this project the Chair along with his researchers has made significant progress in developing first ever Indian Model for River Modelling titled Braided River Aid: Hydro-Morphological Analyzer (BRAHMA). Hydrodynamic component of this model has already been developed and successfully run and further research is going on in the morphological modelling.

  • To evaluate the need of regular updating of Bathymetry for flow simulation, a sub-project entitled effect of “Bathymetric Change on Flow Profile of River Brahmaputra: Scope of Modeling” has been completed. The study has shown that bathymetric change can have significant effect on the flood scenario. Details of this work have been given in the report submitted to climate Change Directorate of CWC, MoWR

  • B.P.Chaliha Chair and his research team has spent considerable amount of time and effort in preparing two major project proposals on Basin level study to evaluate impact of climate change on water resources. These are 1) Basin Level Study on Impact of Climate Change on Brahmaputra and Barak Basin, 2) Basin Level Study on Impact of Climate Change on other Rivers Flowing to Bangladesh and Myanmar”. These projects were prepared on request of from MoWR as collaborative projects of IIT Guwahati, NIT Silchar and NERIST.