Established by Ministry of Water Resources(MoWR), Govt. of India
Climatic Data Collection from Various Sources of Northeast India, their Digitization and Analysis


Global Climate Model (GCM) or Earth System Model (ESM) provides value of climatic parameters in large grid (in the order of 250km to 300km) for different emission scenario/ representative concentration pathways (RCP). Therefore these parameters cannot represent the effect of local orographic arrange on important hydrological parameters line rainfall. Through Downscaling aims at mapping value of local parameters with the GCM parameters, yet effect of orographic arrangement is not explicitly included. Therefore, a model developed for a particular location of a hilly terrain like that of North-eastern part of India cannot be applied for a location even within a very short spatial distance in the order of 100km. Having precipitation data from closely located station is extremely important to have an idea about impact of orographic arrangement on precipitation, which the GCMs do not consider explicitly. Therefore, Chair proposes to continue the data collection project that was carried out in collaboration with Tea Board of India and other Organisations of Northeast region during 2012-2014. Through that project Chair could collect important data of precipitation from the tea gardens during his last tenure. The data collected so far will be digitized in the coming years and will be arranged in a systematic way and will be placed before IMD for their endorsement, if required, so that these data can be used by other researchers also apart from the Chair.