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The Centre was founded in the year 2014. The structure of the centre is interdisciplinary, diverse projects involving various streams of specialization will contribute towards building a knowledge base and developing technologies for the NE languages in particular.

Some collaborators in centre are already in possession of sponsored projects that are run in an interdisciplinary manner. For example, the DeITy sponsored project aimed at archiving and preserving speech data has interdisciplinary research interests.

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Current Students






Jan. 30 2024

Deepen Naorem

Cross-lingual Embeddings...

Sept. 29 2023

Hemanta Baruah

Synergy of Linguistic Science and Technology: NLP's Linguistic Endeavors...

August 17 2023

Seema Sheesh Lokhandwala

Balancing Act: The Ethical Dilemma in Capturing Elephants in Human-elephant Conflict Management...

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January 5, 2024, IITG

Unmute Toolkit Launch event

Launch of the UnMute Toolkit. The UnMute Toolkit is an open-source collection of tools, methodologies, and pipelines tailored to speakers of un-written, minority languages. The event brought together interdisciplinary researchers, NGOs, industrial pa...

Feb 21, 2020, IITG

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day celebrated at IIT Guwahati organized by Centre for Linguistic Science and Technology. Dr. Kuladhar Saikia, President, Assam Sahitya Sabha, was the Chief Guest of the event. Prof. T. G. Sitharam, Director IITG deliver...

Mar 01-03, 2018, IITG

WVUI 2018 (Workshop on Voice User Interfaces)

Voice User Interfaces are here to stay! Personal assistants, Chatbots, Dialog based interactions in hands-free scenarios, IVRs and other applications are presenting users with novel interactions. It also brings excitement along with challenges for ev...

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Chandni Khaund

Chandni Khaund

Kuppuraj Bishop Study Visit Grant awarded

Chandni Khaund, who is working under the guidance of Prof. Shakuntala Mahanta and Prof. Shyamanta Moni Hazarika, has been granted the prestigious Kuppuraj-Bishop Study Visit by the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) of the UK on 11th Jan. 2024. She will be stationed at the School of Education, Communication, and Language Sciences, Newcastle University, in the Speech and Language Sciences division. During her three-month stay, Chandni will be working with Dr Laurence White and Dr Faye Smith on children's reading acquisition and development across different orthographies.

Seema Lokhandwala

Seema Lokhandwala

UnrestricTED Winner

Seema Lokhandwala won the UnrestricTED competition on 12th Feb 2023. She is an engineer turned elephant biologist who aims to integrate latest technologies with data and concepts from elephant communication, behavior and ecology to understand the ecological and evolutionary process.