Dr. S Senthilmurugan


Key Research Areas :Modeling and Optimization of Novel Processes, Process Design and Operation of Membrane Separation Processes, Waste and waste water treatment (WWWT) for Process Industries, Novel Desalination Technologies, Smart Water Grid, Waste to Energy

Email id : senthilmurugan@iitg.ac.in
Phone : 0361 258 3527 (office)
             0361 258 5542 (lab)

Department of Chemical Engineering
Office Room No: 309
Water and Energy Nexus Lab Room No 306
IIT Guwahati
Assam 781039



Doctoral Fellow

Balakumara-Vignesh-Mnesh M.png

Balakumara Vignesh M

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Characterization of multi-parametric water sensor using AI


Diganta Baruah

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Energy Efficiency in Internet of Things

816-Bijoyendra Sharma-.jpg

Bijoyendra Sharma

Doctoral Fellow
Email: bsharma@iitg.ac.in
Roll No: 196107103

Research/Project title: Novel Sensor for water quality analysis

904-Shanmugam V-.jpg

Shanmugam V

Doctoral Fellow
Email: shanmugam.v@iitg.ac.in

Research/Project title: A novel process for water and wastewater treatment

909-Jenga Venkatesh-.jpg

Jenga Venkatesh

Doctoral Fellow
Email: janga.venkatesh@iitg.ac.in

Research/Project title: Design and optimization of osmotic driven process

1214-Bedanta Chakraborty-jpeg

Bedanta Chakraborty

Doctoral Fellow
Email: c.bedanta@iitg.ac.in
Roll No: 236107007

Research/Project title: Tea Aroma concentration using membrane technology

Doctoral Fellow



Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Tea concentration using forward osmosis process
Year of Complete: 2023


Aanisha Akhtar

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Clarification and concentration of sugarcane juice by the UF and HFFO membrane with fouling and cleaning studies


Dinesh Kumar Gautam

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Modelling and optimization of water distribution network performance

Habtom-Teklu Teklu.png

Habtom Teklu

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Experimentation, Modeling, and Optimization Studies on Forward Osmosis and Pressure Retarded Osmosis Processes



Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Study of Laminar Burning Velocities of Premixed Combustible Mixtures at Elevated Pressures
Year of Complete: 2022


Naveenkumar A Yaranal

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Identification, Quantification, and Removal of Microplastics from Various Sources

Nivedhitha-Sitha S.png

Nivedhitha S

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Advanced process control for continuous bioprocessing of bio-therapeutic production

Priyamjeet-Dekat Deka.png

Priyamjeet Deka

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Experimental and optimization studies of graphene oxide membranes in forward osmosis
Year of Complete: 2023

Senthil-Sthil S.png

Senthil S

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Modelling and Real Time Optimization of Cutting Transport to Enhance the Hole Cleaning Process of Oil/Gas Well Drilling
Year of Complete: 2022


Sureandhar. G

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Design and development of solar air heater for drying agricultural products
Year of Complete: 2023

Vigneshwaranran. K.png

Vigneshwaran. K

Doctoral Fellow
Email: vigneshhock@gmail.com
Roll No: 146151002

Research/Project title: Experimental and Numerical Investigations on High-Temperature Sensible Heat Storage System
Year of Complete: 2020
Co-Supervisor: senthilmurugan subbiah



Doctoral Fellow
Email: vk.verma@iitg.ac.in
Roll No: 146107021

Research/Project title: Prospects of Silk Sericin as an Adsorbent for Removal of Micro-Pollutants from Aqueous Solution: Application in Membrane Modification
Year of Complete: 2020

Viswanthnth. R.png

Viswanth. R

Doctoral Fellow

Research/Project title: Prediction and Prevention of Downhole Complications in Real-time Oil Well Drilling

908-Nahawand AlZainati-.jpg

Nahawand AlZainati

Doctoral Fellow
Email: Nahawand.AlZainati@student.uts.edu.au

Research/Project title: Dual Stage Osmotic Power Plant: Applications for Power Generation and Hybrid Systems
Year of Complete: 2023
Co-Supervisor: senthilmurugan subbiah