ICM Satellite Confence
Galois Representations in Arithmetic and Geometry
International Centre, Goa
Aug 10-13, 2010

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Christoffe Breuil

Hilbert Modular Forms Mod p and Local-Global Compatibility

Institut des Hautes Etudes Scietifiques, Paris

Pierre Colmez

On the p-adic Local Langlands Correspondence

University of Paris 6/7

Jean-Marc Fontaine

Vector Bundles and p-adic Hodge Theory

University of Paris 11

Ralph Greenberg

Iwasawa Theory and Projective Modules

University of Washington, Seattle

Bruno Kahn

On Zeta and L Functions of Voevodsky Motives

University of Paris 6/7

Mahesh Kakde

Main Conjecture for Totally Real Fields

Imperial College, London

Kiran Kedlaya

Towards a Realtive Theory of (Phi, Gamma)-Modules

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Minhyong Kim

Diophantine Geometry and Non-abelian Cohomology

University College, London

Filippo Nuccio

Congruences Between p-adic L-functions

University of Heidelberg

C.S. Rajan

On Spectrum and Arithmetic

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Takeshi Saito

Hasse-Arf Theorem in Higher Dimension

University of Tokyo

Peter Schneider

The SK_1 Problem for Completed Group Rings

University of Munster

Marie-France Vigneras

On the Module p Satake Isomorphism with Weight

University of Paris 6/7

J.P. Wintenberger

Extensions of Iwasawa Modules

University of Strasbourg

Teruyoshi Yoshida

Affine Hecke Algberas and Semistable Reduction of Shimura Varieties

University of Cambridge

Sarah Zerbes

Wach Modules and Modular Forms

University of Exeter