भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान गुवाहाटी
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

NECBH Research Park Technology Incubation Centre Technology Developed

Delegation of Power

I. Financial Matters

1. Sanctioning Powers Delegated to the Dean
(i) Disbursement of Consultancy and Testing Fees, Overtime and Honorarium Payments
(ii) Travel within India including special cases
(iii)Issue of Statements of Accounts and utilization Certificates and Refund of unused funds to
sponsoring agencies, Issue of all Invoice/Contingent Bill
(iv)Permanent Imprest including recoupment and adjustment as per Institute rule
(v) Advances up to Rs. 1,00,000/-
(vi)Purchase Indents
    (a) Expenditure Sanction of consumable and supplies up to Rs. 3,00,000/-
    (b) Expenditure Sanction of non-consumable items up to Rs. 10,00,000/-
(vii)All Purchase related activities
(viii)Settlements of all advances and adjustments/reimbursements
(ix)Release of Payment of the bills for the work approved by Dean (II&SI)/Director/IWC for the
construction of Research Park and other projects registered in II&SI and carried out by
Engineering section after approval of Dean(RGF)
(x) Office equipment of II&SI: Dean, II&SI

2. Sanctioning Powers Delegated to the Associate Dean
(i) TA/DA Settlement approval
(ii) Advances up to Rs. 50,000/-
(iii) Approval of Temporary Advance Settlement approved by the Associate Dean
(iv)Settlements of all advances and adjustment/reimbursements up to the advance limit of
associate Dean
(v) Purchase indents of Consumables and non-consumables up to Rs. 1,00,000/-
(vi)Approval for Guest House Indent and settlement of Guest House Bill
(vii) Approval of advertisement in Newspaper and settlement of News Paper Bill
(viii) Refund of Caution Money to project employees
(ix)Custom Clearance - DHL, UPS, Others
(x) Advance Wire Transfer/ STDR. Letter of Credit (LC) Payment
(xi) Approval of 90% advance for the purchase approved by the Associate Dean

II. Administrative Powers

1. Delegated to the Dean, II&SI
(i) Matters related to societies, companies, IPR and other committees of II&SI.
(ii) Special Casual Leave of Faculty & Leave Sanction Order and Staff leaves
(iii) Forwarding of applications as per rules and Project Completion Report
(iv) Signing of MoU, MoA, NDA/CDA etc. related to Industrial Interactions and Special
Initiatives and approval of patent
(v) Recommending Technology License Transfer (TLT) to Director for approval and signing of
TLT after approval of Director

2. Project Employees related matter
(i) Appointment of Project Employees Approval: Director
(ii) Adhoc appointment: Dean
(iii) Selection committee, Issue of Appointment Letter, Contractual Agreement, Signing of
Joining Report and Office order, Acceptance of Resignation letter: Dean
(iv)Accommodation: Associate Dean
(v) Issuing of I-Card: Associate Dean
(vi) Salary payment: Associate Dean
(vii) Issue of Notice to Project staff: Associate Dean
(viii) No Objection Certificate: Associate Dean
(ix) Experience Certificates: Associate Dean
(x) Issue of No Dues: Associate Dean
(xi) Extension of tenure: Associate Dean
(xii) Issue of No Dues: Associate Dean
(xiii) Leave for project staff
    (a) Casual Leave: Project Coordinator/ Project Investigators/ Consultant
    (b) All other Leave for consultancy projects: Associate Dean
    (c) All other Leave for other projects staffs: Dean
(xiv) Disciplinary actions leading to minor penalties: Dean
Dean can execute the powers delegated to Associate Dean. Dean can execute all financial and
administrative matters related to II&SI that is not delegated to Associate Dean.

III. Matters Common to Dean and Associate Dean
Audit Reply, Annual Reports, RTI, Ranking related material, Other reports, Newsletter, Office
automation, Website Maintenance.
The Head of Section of II&SI is authorized to issue purchase/work orders for all recurring and non-
recurring items pertaining to funds administered by II&SI.
Payment of Bills: All bills will be recommended and passed for payment by the Head of the Section,
II&SI and forward to the Registrar.