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Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

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Office of Dean, Industrial Interaction and Special Initiatives (II&SI)

Academic Institutions and Industries play key role in any nation building. Bridging the academic institutions and industry is crucial for the success. Sophisticated infrastructure is vital for any such collaboration. To fulfill the twin objectives of enriching the infrastructure and enhancing the interaction and collaboration with industry and others, Office of Dean, II&SI is established. II&SI encourages both consultancy and research from industry. It also promotes short term courses and programs for industry and from industry and others to enhance the industry-academia interaction. As a part of Special Initiatives, the office handles projects and activities related to innovation,enterepreneurship, start-up companies etc and other projects/programs with honorarium/chair professorship from industry and different funding agencies. The Office of Dean, II&SI is also institute link with IIT Guwahati Research Park, IIT Guwahati Technology Incubation Center, IIT Guwahati Technology innovation & development foundation and other companies and societies. It also welcomes the industrial partner to be the part of these institute’s bond with the industry. An Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cell headed by a Professor-in-charge will part of the Dean Office.

The main function of office includes administrative and accounting support for

✔ Projects and activities related to Innovation, Enterepreneurship, Start-up companies etc.

✔ Consultancy projects.

✔ Short term courses/Workshop/Training Program and other programs.

✔ Honorarium/chair-professorship related to projects.

✔ Center of Excellency from Industries.

✔ MoU/MoA related Industrial Interactions and Special Initiatives.

✔ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cell.

✔ Technology License Transfer.

✔ Societies/companies such as Research Park, TIC, TIDF etc.

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Office of Industrial Interactions and Special Initiatives