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IIT Guwahati
Research Scholar Forum, EEE   |     March, 2018     |   Issue: 3     |     Download PDF  
What's in this issue:

  1. Editorial
  2. Technology Vision
  3. Publications of the Period
  4. Face2Face
  5. Department News
  6. Future Events
  7. Research & Sprituality
  8. Opportunities
  9. Upcoming Conference
  10. RSF Events
  11. Tour, Visit and Fun activities
  12. Social Introspection

Department News

  • A GIAN course on "Speech Enhancement for hearing aids" was held from 22-27 th January 2018. Prof. Rainer Martin was the invited speaker for this event.
  • A GIAN course on "Brain-Computer Interfaces for Speech Communication: Theory and Applications "was held from 26th February-2nd March, 2018. Prof. Hugo Leonardo Rufiner from Argentina was invited as a speaker for this event
  • Prof BN Dutta from Northern Illinois University USA was invited to give a talk on numerical aspects in system and control problem on 21st February 2018.
  • Mr. Kailash Atal, one of our previous alumni, gave a lecture on the career opportunities in the industry at present, on 18th February 2018. His talk involved fields like Machine Learning, Data Science etc. He is the winner of the prestigious Dayal Sharma Gold Medal Award in 2013. He is currently working in Target (India).
  • Mr. Ankur Deka won the best poster award along with Dr. MK Bhuyan for Bio-imaging Conference 2018 held in Madeira, Portugal.
  • Ms. ShubhLakshmi (research scholar in power and control) went to Pune for a conference on Power Electronics.
  • Mr. Mohit Mishra and Mr. Amit Baghel, two research scholars of our department went for a conference, IMARC 2017 to Gandhinagar.
  • Ms. Vineeta Das went to Hyderabad for NCC-18 conference.
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