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IIT Guwahati
Research Scholar Forum, EEE   |     March, 2018     |   Issue: 3     |     Download PDF  
What's in this issue:

  1. Editorial
  2. Technology Vision
  3. Publications of the Period
  4. Face2Face
  5. Department News
  6. Future Events
  7. Research & Sprituality
  8. Opportunities
  9. Upcoming Conference
  10. RSF Events
  11. Tour, Visit and Fun activities
  12. Social Introspection


Vimal Kr. Yadav

I am delighted to the full heights to see the third issue of RSF EEE newsletter. I have no grain of doubt in my mind to mention that this issue is also going to add another feather to the achievements of RSF EEE current team. With a boosted amount of confidence, I can say that publication of newsletter from this ever energetic team of forum at regular intervals, have been one of the pioneering work that can result at the level of such student body. For the same, I want to congratulate all the members involved in the development of this newsletter (especially to Rahul Sharma to frame and develop this idea of publishing newsletter). I also want to thank all the authors who have contributed their remarkable articles and shared their knowledge and experiences which have eventually enabled us to fit this newsletter into the frame of reality. The kind of support we have obtained from EEE department along with HoD sir is laudable. We hope that this culture of publishing regular newsletters will be kept alive by upcoming RSF EEE team with same amount of enthusiasm and commitment.

Rahul Sharma

After many successful academic events, RSF-EEE also organised some sports activities such as badminton, football and cricket tournaments. It is a great initiative to bring faculties and research scholars together and provide a platform to share joyful moments. Really, it was overwhelming to witness the enthusiasm of the participants. We are looking forward to expand our reach to other fields as well. All these activities are the result of team work and out of the box thinking. We always welcome ideas and suggestions from your side.

Vineeta Das

It's a matter of immense pride and pleasure that the 3rd tri-monthly RSF-EEE newsletter is on its way. The team has taken a lot of pain in achieving extraordinary results. Even Research Conclave included one event i.e. 3MT after seeing its success in our department. It involved support from the other research scholars also in all aspects. Wishing all the best to the incoming RSF team.

Anirban Bhowal

RSF-EEE has extended its activities to all facets of life. In future we would like to see more contributions from our juniors who will take this forum forward. We will be organizing the inaugural Research Scholars Day in the near future which will be a platform for the research scholars to showcase their work. We have managed to reach out to the commoners through this newsletter and hope it unifies the research scholars hailing from diverse background.

Satyajit Bora

I would like to appreciate the effort of each and every individual connected directly or indirectly to the RSF EEE Newsletter. I would also like to thank all the readers of the newsletter. Without their support and appreciations, it would not have been possible to continue the newsletter. The web version of the newsletter is available in RSF EEE website. We are trying our best to make the newsletter informative and attractive. If there is any suggestion or query or anything else, please do E-mail us. Your feedback will help us in further improvement of the newsletter.
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