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Research vs Social Life

Research has led to an unprecedented growth in science and technology leading to a comfortable and healthier lifestyle. But is it really healthy for a peaceful and better society?

Research has provided many benefits to the society which has led to the development of mankind but it has taken away the social life of an individual also. With the advent of internet and mobile phones, people are reluctant to visit a person’s home. Instead they opt for the more time convenient option (mobile or some social networking site or app). But the radiations emitted from mobile phones is harmful for the body. So while research has led to the development of mobiles and other smart devices, it is also leading to degradation of health of an individual. Researchers generally tend to skip social gatherings also which adversely affects the personality of the individual. Earlier people used to discuss about a topic in social gatherings which led to exchange of ideas. But in the present scenario, an individual prefers to discuss with a certain person or a group of individuals over phone or internet to maintain privacy. This isolation prevents social mixing and flow of ideas among persons hailing from diverse backgrounds.

which includes working for hours sitting in front of computers or working in labs. This adversely impacts the health of the person. Physical activity is required which is deprived due to extensive research work carried out in labs. The individual becomes disconnected from society, suffers from depression and mental stress. Lack of exercise and proper diet also harms the body in the long run, often leading to diabetes, high blood pressure, nervous breakdowns, joint pain etc. Healthy social life is important for the well being of an individual which is generally deprived due to extensive research work.

Researchers are running after money and fame, but in the hindsight they are ignoring social life. Mostly they are interested in making friends over social networking sites, rather than making friends in person. This also has an impact as sometimes the individual is unaware of the true nature of the online friends, thereby leading to catastrophes in future. Researchers now-a-days live in a virtual world leading to a different mindset.

In conclusion, a deep introspection is needed regarding the method of research prevalent in the world and the long term impacts it has on the society and personal health of an individual. Human being is considered to be social, so if research is giving only materialistic benefits and upsetting the social balance, then is research worthy? I leave it to readers to ponder over the question.

Anirban Bhowal
Email: a.bhowal@iitg.ernet.in
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