Dr. Nageswara Rao Peela


Key Research Areas :Heterogeneous Catalysis and reaction engineering, Biomass conversion to value added chemicals, Bio-oil up-gradation to transportation fuels, Carbon dioxide activation to valuable chemicals, Metal encapsulated zeolites

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  • N.R. Peela* and B. Velaga, “A one step process for preparing Levulinic acid from C5 furanic compounds” Indian patent filed on 16/06/2020 and granted on 29/12/2022 (Patent number: 416062; Application number: 202031025327).
  • N.R. Peela* and B. Velaga, “Production of levulinic acid from furfural and/or Xylose feedstocks” Indian patent filed on 19/05/2021 (Reference number: 202131022345).
  • N.R. Peela* Hanumanth Reddy Pemmana, Reddi Ramu and Ramgopal VS Uppaluri; Conversion of glycerol to lactic acidIndian patent filed on 11/12/2021  (Reference number: 202131057709).