Our Staff

Junior Technical Officer

Nurul Islam

Ext: 2235


Equipment indent and purchase; Biochemical Engg. Lab; Equipment Maintenance; Equipment inventory update; coordinating Student visits and Road shows in the dept., Overall in charge of DCIF-1 and responsible for booking of FACs, RT-PCR, Inverted microscope and GC, Also, Auto-Tensiometer, HPLC-1, HPLC-2, FPLC Prime Plus, FPLC_AKTA_ Purifier_100, GC etc., Making the departmental newsletter taking all the relevant information from the departmental faculty member, Making the departmental annual report with taking all the relevant information from the departmental faculty members, Making report regarding peer review and other for department for various IITG ranking (Based on the instruction from Peer Review and Institutional Ranking Office, IITG), Making report and input for DBT Supported MTech Program related Documents, Managing the departmental outreach activities (managing visit of school and other college students, showing and explaining lab visits).

Prarthana Swargari

Ext: 2247


Assisting in B.Tech. Analytical Biotechnology Laboratory (monsoon semester); B.Tech. Biological Data Analysis Laboratory (winter semester), Maintaining Department Consumables Fund, DBT-M.Tech. Program Support related matters such as expenditure records of various budget heads, settlements, reports, UC-SEs, Compilation of departmental annual report, newsletter, etc., based on feedback and inputs from the department faculty members, Project equipment transfer, Any other duty as and when assigned by the Head of the Department

Technical Superintendent

Niranjan Barah

Ext: 2203


Analytical Biotechnology Lab (BT 510), Applied Biology and Bioengineering lab (BT 520), Equipment and Accessories Inventory, Equipment maintenance, Conference and Seminar room, PhD admission, UPS maintenance, Overall in-charge of DCIF-4 equipment and  In-charge of Lyophillizer machine, Coordinator for shortlisting  both PhD and MTech application for PhD and MTech admission. Overall management and arrangement of the application verification for MTech and PhD admission, CSIR-PhD admission, Looking after the matters of Department LPG, electrical and civil work. Disposal of bio-waste materials.

Dipankar Barman

Ext: 2234


Overall in-charge of M-Tech./B-Tech. Lab.; Equipment Maintenance; AMC related work, BT 290: Biomolecular Analysis Laboratory, BT 380: Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory, Contingency reimbursement of students, Coordinator for shortlisting of both PhD and MTech applications for PhD and M.Tech admission, Overall management and arrangement of the application verification for MTech and PhD applications, CSIR – PhD admissions



Junior Technical Superintendent

Chandan Kumar Nath

Ext: 2241


Bioinformatics Lab: Bioinformatics (BT302); Computational Biology (BT305); Introduction to Programming (BT 652); and Quantitative Biology (BT 502), Maintenance of Department Website; Conference and Seminar Rooms ICT, BioTalk technical support, Assisting in PhD interview process, RTI matters (acting as DPIO), Digital Display, Maintenance of booking servers, Department library portal, Any other work assigned by HOD.

Senior Superintendent

Surendra Mohan Saloi

Ext: 2250


Course Evaluation, Financial Assistance related to travel of MTech/PhD students, DPF matters, Matters related to Student Trainee(Summer/Winter/Long Term Trainee), IPDF matters, DFAC matters, M.Tech/PhD admission, QIP admission matters, Maintaining Imprest account of BSBE Department, Processing the library indents in the Department, providing NOC to the students, matters related to MOU with other universities, Best Thesis Award (MTech & PhD),PMRF (Direct & Lateral Entry), Other miscellaneous office work assigned by HOD.


Debabrata Purkayastha

Ext: 2250


M.Tech. Admission; Leave Records of Faculty, Staff & Students; Ph.D. & M.Tech. students' monthly attendance report compilation; Internal matters of the department; Physical verification & processing of Contingency reimbursement of students; EO-cum-SRC Cell related work and other miscellaneous office work

Senior Attendant

Pankaj Bhuyan

Ext: 2250


Attending calls and taking messages, Peon related activities like dispatch of files, documents etc.

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