Recent Publications

1. Hussain MS, Kumar M
Assembly of Cas7 subunits of Leptospira on the mature crRNA of CRISPR-Cas I-B is modulated by divalent ions,
Gene vol., no. , pp.-, [2022]

2. Rajib Shome, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh
Tweaking EMT and MDR dynamics to constrain triple-negative breast cancer invasiveness by EGFR and Wnt/?-catenin signaling regulation,
Cellular Oncology vol.44, no. , pp.405-422, [2021]

3. Mohd. Ziauddin Ansari, Shah Ekramul Alom and Rajaram Swaminathan
Ordered structure induced in human c-Myc PEST region upon forming a disulphide bonded dimer,
Journal of Chemical Science vol.133, no. , pp.-, [2021]

4. Dhara A, Hussain M S, Kanaujia S P, Kumar M
Acyldepsipeptide activated ClpP1P2 macromolecule of Leptospira, an ideal Achilles’ heel to hamper the cell survival and deregulate ClpP proteolytic activity,
Research in Microbiology vol., no. , pp.-, [2021]

5. Glingston, S., Rajpoot, J., Deori, N.M., Deb, R., Kumar S and Nagotu S
Characterization of nucleocapsid and matrix proteins of Newcastle disease virus in yeast.,
3 Biotech (2021) 11:65 vol., no. , pp.-, [2021]

6. A Singh, G Bhatt, N Gujre, S Mitra, R Swaminathan, AM Limaye, L Rangan
Phytochemistry vol., no. , pp.-, [2021]

7. N Gujre, L Rangan, S Mitra
Occurrence, geochemical fraction, ecological and health risk assessment of cadmium, copper and nickel in soils contaminated with municipal solid wastes,
Chemosphere vol.271: 129573, no. , pp.-, [2021]

8. Harshini S P, Ghosh K K, Kumari R R, Kumar P, Kumar M
Evaluation of sporozoite and macroschizont antigen (Spm2) of Theileria annulata for its diagnostic potential,
Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases vol.12, no.4 , pp.-, [2021]

9. Prakash Kishore Hazam, Chimanjita Phukan, R. Akhil, Anjali Singh & Vibin Ramakrishnan
Antimicrobial effects of syndiotactic polypeptides,
Scientific Reports vol.11, no. , pp.1823-, [2021]

10. Aparna Rai, Vikas Kumar, Gaurav Jerath, C. C. Kartha & Vibin Ramakrishnan
Mapping drug-target interactions and synergy in multi-molecular therapeutics for pressure-overload cardiac hypertrophy,
npj Systems Biology and Applications vol.7, no. , pp.11-, [2021]

Awards and honours

  • Prof. Biman B. Mandal, "S. Ramachandran-National Bioscience Award for Career development 2020-21 by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India", [2021]
  • Prof. Latha Rangan, "Dr. P. Sheel Memorial Lecture (Young Women Scientist) Award by the National Academy of Sciences, India ", [2021]
  • Prof. Biman B. Mandal , "Editorial Team of Prestigious Journal of ACS Biomaterial Science and Engineering", [2021]
  • Prof Biman B. Mandal , "BM BIRLA SCIENCE PRIZE in BIOLOGY for the year 2018", [2020]
  • Prof. Biman B. Mandal, "Swarnajayanti Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology, India for the year 2019-2020 in the "Life Science" subject", [2020]
  • Kamal Shokeen, "Deepika Phukan Oncology Research Grant” Award of BBCI for project entitled "Recombinant Newcastle Disease Virus based Breast Cancer Therapy: A Novel Oncolytic Viral Approach", [2021]
  • Miss. Parama Dey, "ICGP Award (International Cooperative Graduate Program) by National Institute of Material Science, Japan", [2021]
  • Vartika Srivastava, "Hope E. Hopps Award 2021", [2021]
  • Amit Bhandari, Arvind R, Das Bedadeep and Tania Sarkar, "Samsung Fellowship Award, 2021-2022", [2021]
  • Shreya Bhattacharya, Amay Sanjay Redkar, Prabir Kumar Das, Priyanka Yadav, Harish Kumar R, C Ragavan, Neha Mariam Unnoony, Uzini Devi Daimary, Thiruku, "Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF)", [2021]
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