Recent Publications

1. Manoj, K. M., Ramasamy, S., Parashar, A., Gideon, D. A., Soman, V., Jacob, V. D., & Pakshirajan, K
Acute toxicity of cyanide in aerobic respiration: Theoretical and experimental support for murburn explanation,
Biomolecular Concepts vol.11, no.1 , pp.32-56, [2020]

2. Arun, S., Sinharoy, A., Pakshirajan, K., & Lens, P. N.
Algae based microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment and recovery of value-added products. ,
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol.132, 110041., no. , pp.-, [2020]

3. Sinharoy, A. , Baskaran, D. , Pakshirajan, K.
Process integration and artificial neural network modeling of biological sulfate reduction using a carbon monoxide fed gas lift bioreactor ,
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 391, 123518, no. , pp.-, [2020]

4. Sinharoy, A. , Pakshirajan, K.
A novel application of biologically synthesized nanoparticles for enhanced biohydrogen production and carbon monoxide bioconversion,
Renewable Energy, vol.147, pp. 864-873, no. , pp.-, [2020]

5. Kumar, M. , Pakshirajan, K.
Novel insights into mechanism of biometal recovery from wastewater by sulfate reduction and its application in pollutant removal ,
Environmental Technology and Innovation, vol. 17, 100542, no. , pp.-, [2020]

6. Sinharoy, A. , Pakshirajan, K. , Lens, P.N.L.
Biological Sulfate Reduction Using Gaseous Substrates To Treat Acid Mine Drainage ,
Current Pollution Reports, vol., no. , pp.-, [2020]

7. Negi, B.B. , Sinharoy, A. , Pakshirajan, K.
Selenite removal from wastewater using fungal pelleted airlift bioreactor ,
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol.27(1), pp. 992-1003, no. , pp.-, [2020]

8. Shreya Mehrotra, Bruna A.G. de Melo, Minoru Hirano, Wendy Kung, Ronald A. Li, Biman B. Mandal*, Su Ryon Shin*
Non-mulberry Silk Based Ink for Fabricating Mechanically Robust Cardiac Patches and Endothelialized Myocardium-on-a-chip Application,
Advanced Functional Materials vol.30, no. , pp.1907436-, [2020]

9. Eoghan M. Cunnane, Katherine L. Lorentz, Aneesh K. Ramaswamy, Prerak Gupta, Biman B. Mandal, Fergal J. O’Brien, Justin S. Weinbaum and David A. Vorp
Extracellular Vesicles Enhance the Remodeling of Cell-Free Silk Vascular Scaffolds in Rat Aortae,
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces vol.12, no. , pp.26955-26965, [2020]

10. Ankit Gangrade, Basveshwar Gawali, Praveen Kumar Jadi, Vegi G. M. Naidu and Biman B. Mandal*
Photo-Electro Active Nanocomposite Silk Hydrogel for Spatiotemporal Controlled Release of Chemotherapeutics: An in vivo approach towards suppressing solid tumor growth,
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces vol.12, no. , pp.27905-27916, [2020]

Awards and honours

  • Prof Biman B. Mandal , "BM BIRLA SCIENCE PRIZE in BIOLOGY for the year 2018", [2020]
  • Prof. Biman B. Mandal, "Swarnajayanti Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology, India for the year 2019-2020 in the "Life Science" subject", [2020]
  • Dr. Ajay Kunnumakkara, "Appointed as visiting scientist AIST, Japan, 2019", [2019]
  • Dr. Souptick Chanda, "Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship 2019-20 to carry out research at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA", [2019]
  • Prof. Arun Goyal, "Nominated as member, technical expert committee for DBT-NER by DBT in the area energy, environment and biodiversity for 3 years", [2018]
  • Debika Dutta, "Travel grant by American peptide society to attend the American peptide symposium 2019 at Monterey, California. ", [2019]
  • Phurpa Dema Thungon, "Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship (OVDF) from SERB (DST)-UAlberta Partnership scheme to carry out her thesis work at University of Alberta, Canada for a period of one year (May 2019-April 2020)", [2019]
  • Sanjay M, "1st position and received a cash prize of Rs 25000 for his model “Optisense- a smartphone based malaria detection platform” in the Redstart-All India Startup Challenge, Research Conclave 2019, organized by IIT Guwahati", [2019]
  • Ishani Chakrabartty, "1st prize in Oral presentation during Indo-Japan Bilateral Symposium for Future Perspectives of Bioresource Utilization in North East India (IJBS’17)held at IIT Guwahati from 1st-4thFebruary 2018 for her paper titled “Alpinia nigra: The unexplored ore of Zingiberaceae for future therapeutics”. (Springer award included 200 Euros)", [2018]
  • Mr. Angshu Dutta (Roll No.: 166106020), PhD Student, "BEST POSTER AWARD at Research Conclave –2018, IIT Guwahati.", [2018]
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