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List of Ph.D students
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Alex Paul Kamson

(Co-Supervisor Dr. L. N. Sharma)

Segmentation and Classification of Heart Sound Signals, Mar. 2022.

Vineeta Das

(Co-Supervisor Prof. P. K. Bora)

Automated Diagnosis of Retinal Diseases from Optical Coherence Tomography Images and Volumes using Deep Learning, Nov. 2021.

Current Position : Postdoctoral Fellow, National Eye Institute (NEI), USA

Himakshi Choudhury

(Co-Supervisor Prof. S.R.M. Prasanna)

Online Handwriting Representation and Synthesis using Sinusoidal Model, Aug. 2021

Jyoti P. Medhi

Automated Diagnosis of Diabetic Maculopathy from Retinal Images, Feb. 2021.

Current Position : Assistant Professor, Department of ECE,Gauhati University Inst. of Science and Tech. (GUIST) Gauhati University

Akhilesh K. Dubey

(Co-Supervisor Prof. S.R.M. Prasanna)

Thesis Title: Novel Acoustic Features for Detection of Hypernasality in Cleft Palate Speech, Aug. 2020.

Sishir Kalita

(Co-Supervisor Prof. S.R.M. Prasanna )

Objective Assessment of Cleft Lip and Palate Speech Intelligibility, Nov. 2019.

Current Position : Analyst, Armsoftech.air

Jiss Nallikuzy

Spatial Enhancement of ECG using Transform Domain Models, Aug 2018.

Current Position : Post doctoral researcher, National University of Ireland

Suman Deb

Stressed Speech Analysis for Assessment of Emotion and Physical Health, June 2018

Current Position : Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering,SVNIT Surat

Bhanu Priya

Speech Subspace Modelling with Speaker Adaptation for Stress Normalization, April 2018.

Anurag Singh

Compressed Sensing Framework for Multi-channel ECG Signals, April 2017.

Current Position : Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, IIIT Raipur

Sibasankar Padhy

Multilead Electrocardiogram Data Analysis using SVD and HOSVD, Mar. 2017.

Current Position : Assistant Professor, IIIT Dharwad

Rajesh K. Tripathy

New Diagnostic Features from Multilead ECG Signal for Detection of Cardiac Ailments, Mar. 2017.

Current Position : Assistant Professor, BITS Hyderabad

Malay K. Nath

Multiscale analysis of diagnostic features from color fundus image, Jan. 2017.

Current Position : Assistant Professor, ECE Department, National Institute of Technology Puducherry

Sumitra Shukla

Spectral Domain Analysis of Stress for Automatic Speech Recognition, March 2014 (Co-Supervisor Prof. S.R.M. Prasanna).

S. R. Nirmala

Wavelet Weighted Distortion Measures for Retinal Images, Nov. 2012 (Co-Supervisor Prof. P.K. Bora).

Current Position : Associate Professor, School of ECE, KLE Tech. University

Laxmi N. Sharma

Multiscale Processing of Multichannel ECG Signals, June 2012 (Co-Supervisor Prof. A. Mahanta).

Current Position : Senior Technical Officer, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Rajib Kumar Panigrahi

Information Extraction from Polarimetric SAR Images, Dec. 2011 (Co-Supervisor Prof. Amit Mishra).

Current Position : Associate Professor, Department of ECE, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

M. S. Manikandan

Cardiovascular Signal Compression using a new Wavelet Energy based Diagnostic Distortion Measure, Aug. 2009.

Current Position : Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Pallakad

G. Senthil Raja

Feature Analysis and Compensation for Speaker Recognition under Stressed Condition, Sept.2008.


Ato Kapfo

(Co-Supervisor Prof. P. K. Bora)

Analysis and detection of posterior myocardial infarction.

Eedara Prabhakara Rao

Spatial Enhancement of ECG using Transform Domain Models.

Sibasis Sahoo

Study of stressed speech.

Samarjeet Das

Study of heart sound.

Debasish Jyotishi

Machine learning for pathological speech.

Pharvesh Salman Choudhary

Machine learning for biomedical signal.