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List of M.tech students
  1. B. Monish Kumar, Uncovering Identity from Social Media Profiles, DS, July 2021.
  2. Sandesh, Myocardial Infarction Detection Using Machine Learning and Computational Geometry, DS, July 2021.
  3. Bawane Akshay Shalikram, Multimodal Fake News Detection, DS, July 2021.
  4. Akshay Pravin Kasar, Integrated System for Cardiovascular Signal Learning and Research, SPML, June 2021.
  5. Manish Kumar, A Software System Development for Speech Signal, SPML, June 2021.
  6. Ravi Kumar Sanjay Sane, Detection of Myocardial Infarction from 12 Lead ECG Images, SPML, June 2021.
  7. Rohit Kumar, Detection of hyponasal speech using nonlinear features, June 2020.
  8. Piyush Agnihotri, Bandwidth decoupled filterbank optimization for stress recognition, June 2020.
  9. Gaurav Kumar Mishra, A system for real time speech analysis and recognition, May 2019.
  10. Amrish Kumar, An automatic ECG based system for person identification, May 2019.
  11. Debasish Jyotishi, Inverse filtering based feature for nasalized vowels, June 2018.
  12. Amit Abhishek, A real time interactive speech analysis for stress detection system, May 2018.
  13. Parul Umesh Tipri, A system for interactive learning and automated diagnosis of ECG signal, May 2017.
  14. Manoj R. Sarve, Fundus image analysis for quantification of retinal abnormalities, April 2014.
  15. Deepak, Synthesis of 12-lead ECG from reduced lead subset: patient-specific approach, May 2014.
  16. Sashikant, Stressed speech classification, May 2014.
  17. Rohan Prasad, Rule based expert system for automatic diagnosis of DR from color fundus images, April 2013.
  18. Meheta Vaunkumar Rajendrabhai, Myocardial Infarction Detection by Multiscale Covariance Analysis of Multilead ECG Signals, April 2013.
  19. G Ravi Teja, Analysis of cardiac spatial information from multichannel ECG signal, May 2012.
  20. G V Yeswanth Kumar, Detection of glaucoma from fundus image, May 2012.
  21. Madhavaraja A, Online speaker recognition under stressed condition, May 2012.
  22. G. Jagdeesh, On-line text-dependent speaker verification system, July 2011.
  23. Madhusudan Mishra, Diabetic retinopathy using fundus image analysis, May 2011.
  24. Ajay Kumar Gupta, Automatic detection of bright lesions in color fundus image, May 2009.
  25. Dharmendra Kumar Yadav, Multichannel ECG compression, May 2009.
  26. Anshuman Parua, Design and implementation of a speech based real time medical transcription system, May 2009.
  27. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Detection of microcalcification in full field digital mammogram using wavelets, May 2008.
  28. Gupteswar Sahoo, Constrained linear prediction model for frequency estimation, May 2008.
  29. Janmejaya Rout, Wavelet based speaker recognition under stressed condition, May 2008.
  30. Y. Saring, Analysis and compensation for speech recognition under stress, May 2007.
  31. BAN Raju, Detection of anatomical features in digital fundus images, May 2007.
  32. Sunil Reddy, Analysis and application of constrained autoregressive model, May 2007.
  33. Nishit Jain, Constrained autoregressive model, May 2006.
  34. D. Satyarthi, Detection of diabetic retinopathy using GID model features and VQ classifier, June 2006.
  35. N. Kalita, ECG signal compression for mobile telemedicine, July 2006.
  36. D. Hazarika, Tracking of blood vessels in a Fundus image using unscented Kalman filter, July 2005.(Co-supervisor Dr. C. Mahanta).
  37. H. Patro, Statistical feature evaluation and GMM for classification of stressed speech, July 2005.
  38. M. Ravi Kumar, Gaussian intensity distribution modeling and detection of blood vessels in fundus images, July 2005.
  39. Y. Madhusudhana Reddy, Web-based speech enabled medical information system, July 2005. (Co-supervisor Dr. H. B. Nemade).
  40. K. Ramamohan Reddy, Online speech recognition for medical transcription, July 2005.
  41. V. Kumar, A DWT based ECG data compression for mobile telemedicine, June 2004.
  42. S. Swain, Wavelet based ECG compression with weighted diagnostic measure, June 2004.
  43. V. Sekharappa M., Emotional speech classification using neural networks, June 2004.
  44. A. Gupta, Extraction and enhancement of fetal ECG using adaptive algorithms: A multichannel approach, May 2004.
  45. A. Madhu Babu, Wavelet based watermarking and data hiding for medical images, April 2003.
  46. S. Ramamohan, Vector quantization and HMM classifiers for recognition of stressed speech, Feb. 2003.
  47. S. Raju, An improved Wavelet-based ECG and BP data compression for a mobile telemedicine system, Jan. 2003.
  48. P. Wagh, TMS320C542 based voiced activated telephone dialing system, March 2002.
  49. D. S. Pegu, Wavelet basis for depth resolution of surface EMG, March 2002.
  50. P. Nair, Speech to text based medical transcription system, Jan 2002.
  51. N. Satyanarayana, Emotional speech analysis: A sinusoidal model based approach, March 2001.
  52. R. R. Sahay, Robust text dependent speaker identification using HMM model, Jan. 2001.
  53. S. K. Behera, Performance evaluation of speech features for speaker identification, April 2000.
  54. Y. Zaman, Two stage filtering approach for extraction of fetal electrocardiogram, Jan 2000.
  55. P. Chowdhury, Analysis and synthesis of stressed speech analysis, Jan 2000.