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Invited Talks
  1. "Out-of-Breath Speech for Evaluation of Subglottal System", IIT Patna, September, 2021.
  2. "Machine Learning for Cardiac Signal Processing", IIT Bhubaneswar, July 2021.
  3. "Artificial Intelligence for Cardiac Signals", NIT Uttarakhand, September, 2021.
  4. "Artificial Intelligence for Cardiac Signals", IIIT Dharwad, September, 2021.
  5. "Artificial Intelligence for Cardiac Signals", Guwahati University, September, 2021.
  6. "Artificial Intelligence for Cardiac Signals", NERIST Itanagar, August, 2021.
  7. "AI Challenges for Cardiac Signals", NIT Puduchery, July, 2021.
  8. "Deep Learning and AI based Healthcare System", IIT Patna, June, 2021.
  9. "Machine Learning for Cardiac Signals", Guwahati University, February, 2021.
  10. "Machine Learning for Healthcare", IIT Guwahati, February, 2021.
  11. "Machine Learning for Cardiac Signals", SVEC Andhra Pradesh, November, 2020.
  12. "Machine Learning for Cardiac Signals", MNNIT Prayagraj, October, 2020.
  13. "Cardiac Signals, Information and Machine Learning", SVNIT Surat, September, 2020.
  14. "Cardiac Signals and Information", NIT Meghalaya, September, 2020.
  15. "Introduction to Speech Signal Processing", APDCL Guwahati, May, 2020.
  16. "Machine Learning for Cardiac Signal Processing", NIT Silchar, Feb. 2020.
  17. "Artificial Intelligence for Cardiac Diagnosis", Assam Technical University, Feb. 2020.
  18. "Cardiac Signal and Machine Learning", IIIT Guwahati, Jan. 2020.
  19. "Machine Learning for Cardiac Abnormalities",Special Lecture in International Conference PREMI 2019, Tezpur University, Dec. 2019.
  20. Quantification of Cardiac Information”, ME Department, IITG, January, 2019.
  21. Collaborative Research”, BPUT, Odisha, September, 2018.
  22. Cardiovascular Signal Analysis”, Dibrugarh University, March, 2018.
  23. Introduction to Speech Signal Processing”, Dibrugarh University, March, 2018.
  24. Analysis of Cardiac Vibrations”, ME Department, IITG, December, 2018.
  25. Cardiovascular Information Processing”, Tezpur University, February, 2018.
  26. Assessment of Human Health from Speech Signal”, Tezpur University, February, 2018.
  27. Stressed Speech Analysis for Evaluation of Pathology”, IIT Indore, December, 2017.
  28. Cardiovascular Information Processing”, CET, Odisha, December, 2017.
  29. Stressed Speech Analysis for Evaluation of Pathology”, CET, Odisha, December, 2017.
  30. Cardiovascular Information Processing”, CVRCE, Odisha, December, 2016.
  31. Analysis of Stressed Speech”, CVRCE, Odisha, December, 2016.
  32. Sinusoidal Model based Analysis of Stressed Speech”, GIAN Course, IITG, December, 2016.
  33. Cardiovascular Information Processing”, IASST, Guwahati, February, 2016.
  34. Linear Prediction for Spike Detection”, NIT Meghalaya, June, 2016.
  35. Diagnostic Information based Processing of ECG Signal”, WISP, 2016.
  36. Cardiovascular Information Processing”, BCET, Balasore, September, 2015.
  37. Speech Pathology”, Biotechnology Department IITG, December, 2015.
  38. Cardiovascular Signal Processing”, CSE Department IITG, March, 2015.
  39. Analysis and Processing of Heart Sounds”, ME Department IITG, December, 2015.
  40. Analysis and Processing of Cardiac Information”, NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, August, 2015.
  41. Fundus Image Processing”, NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, December, 2015.
  42. Biomedical Signals: Information Analysis and Quantification”, Research Congress, May, 2015.
  43. Subspace Projection Based Analysis of Emotion (Stressed) Speech”, Argentina, June, 2014.
  44. Cardiac Information in Electrocardiogram (ECG) Signal”, Don Bosco Guwahati, November, 2014.
  45. Processing of Diagnostic Information in MECG Signals”, NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, March, 2014.
  46. Fundus Image Processing”, NERIST, January, 2014.
  47. Clinical Information in Electrocardiogram (ECG) Signal”, NIT Rourkela, October, 2014.
  48. Analysis of Stressed Speech”, NIT Surat, July, 2014.
  49. Quantification of Diagnostic Information in Fundus Image”, Tumkur, January, 2014.
  50. Emerging Trends in Cardiovascular Telemedicine”, Tumkur, May, 2014.
  51. Analysis of Stressed Speech for Recognition”, BCET, Balasore, September, 2013.
  52. An Information Theoretic Approach to Compression of MECG Signals”, IIT Roorkee, October, 2013.
  53. Feature Analysis and Compensation for Speaker Recognition under Stressed Condition”, DIT, February, 2012.
  54. Information Analysis for Stressed Speech Recognition”, IIT BHU, December, 2012.
  55. Subspace Projection Based Analysis of Emotion (Stressed) Speech”, IIT KGP, August, 2012.
  56. An Information Theoretic Approach to Compression of MECG Signals”, Kolkata, September, 2012.
  57. Stressed Speech Analysis and Recognition”, DRIEMS, Odisha, February, 2011.
  58. Quantification of Diagnostic Information in Fundus Image”, NIT Allahabad, October, 2011.
  59. Communicating Physiological Signals through Wired/ Wireless Network”, STC, IITG, September, 2011.
  60. Multiscale entropy based multiscale principal component analysis for multichannel ECG data reduction”, ITAB, October, 2010.
  61. Wavelet Applications to Electrocardiogram Signal Processing”, IIIT Gwalior, December, 2009.
  62. Stressed Speech Analysis and Recognition”, IIIT Gwalior, December, 2009.
  63. Analysis of Stressed Speech”, IIT Patna, January, 2009.
  64. Electrocardiogram Signal Compression”, Chhapra, Bihar, 2008.
  65. Modern ECG Instrumentation and Compression Techniques”, Tezpur University, March, 2007.
  66. Stressed Speech Analysis and Recognition”, Indian Air Force, Guwahati, August, 2006.
  67. Stressed Speech Analysis and Recognition”, Tezpur University, June, 2005.
  68. Secured and Compact Storage of Patient Information in Fundus Images”, NTU, Singapore, 2004.
  69. Feature Analysis for Classification of Speech under Stress”, CDAC, 2002.