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Prof. G. Krishnamoorthy

Coordinator, North East Center for Biological Sciences and Healthcare Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
E-Mail : gkrishna@iitg.ac.in | necbheqpt.iitg@gmail.com

Message From The Coordinator

NECBH, being an enabler to bring biological and healthcare research in the northeast of India to newer heights. It offers an infrastructural and training platform for its stake holders. Bringing together professionals well-versed in the fields is emerging as the requirement of the time considering the interdisciplinary nature of these fast-growing research fields. So, the center provides an excellent arena for the research community in the north east for academic networking and research collaborations. Since its inception in 2018, NECBH have made rapid progress in developing a few states of art infrastructure and conduct workshops to train and connect researchers. So far over 450 researchers and students from 62 institutes mostly from north east participated in various program of the NECBH. The research facilities have been established to render researchers in the north east with the finest infrastructural support. At NECBH, we strive to provide excellent service for the north-eastern researchers enabling them to be in the forefront of biological sciences and healthcare engineering research in the country. Welcome you to the northeast center for biological Sciences and healthcare engineering.

G. Krishnamoorthy