Academic Structure



Ishān Vikās is an academic activity and has to be carefully structured to contribute towards strengthening competencies, encourage analytical thinking, and communication skills, creativity and innovation. It will stimulate curiosity and a spirit of enquiry and motivate self-learning.


A suggestive process could be:
• Pre-Visit: Preliminary discussion between host institute and teachers of the  Visiting Institute to help identify  the areas of academic intervention for the student group (both college and school). This could be done prior to the visit to give time to plan and prepare for interventions and activities and to identify appropriate resource persons.

• Visit: 

  1. Interactive methods that help establish a dialogue, and diagnose what the students know, or don’t  and what they could know more or better.
  2. Activities and interventions that support learning in identified areas.
  3. The visit could have a base-line and an assessment of what is attained, and recommend a future plan of study on the subjects of interaction.
  4. The duration can be extended as the programme rolls out, based on feed-back, and resources.

• Post-Visit Mentoring

  1. This can take the form of e-enabled counselling, tutorials in an NPTEL format for college students and can  converge for school level with Udaan a CBSE initiative.
  2. Effort can also be made to develop additional teaching-learning materials that can also be placed on the net.
  3. The initiative should be undertaken as an educational research and be well documented, and case studied as it will generate critical educational insights in improving teaching-learning processes that will be of general significance.