Ishān Vikās


Ishān Vikās is a comprehensive plan to bring selected schoolchildren from the North-Eastern states into close contact with the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs) and National Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) during their vacation periods. A typical visit is envisaged for a period of seven days (excluding journey time) to one of these institutions. An internship programme for the engineering college students of North-Eastern states in various IITs, NITs and NIAS is also proposed under the umbrella of this programme.



Early exposure to the wonders of science instills in the growing minds a feeling of awe and wonder which later translates into a determination to explore the frontiers of knowledge and ultimately leads to the scientific and technological development of a nation. Accompanying Teachers will also be able to broaden their perspectives.




Broad overview of the various disciplines in science and engineering, highlighting the milestones and the current status, in non-technical terms as much as possible. 
Some informal, interactive sessions encouraging the students to ask questions.
Contemporary themes of global awareness, finance, health and alternative energy.
Lecture by an eminent scholar in humanities.
Important to blend soft skills with the traditional three skills – reading, writing and arithmetic.


Demonstrations, Documentaries

Short Films: Biographical sketches of scientists and technologists from India can be shown to inspire the young minds, emphasizing the milieu in which these scientists grew up.




During this programme discussions will be held on scopes available for graduation and higher studies in premier institutions and various funding sources. They will be informed about examinations for admission process to various universities and institutes.


Tony Buzan (the Inventor of Mind Maps): Different Learning Techniques

Campus Experience

The visiting students will live in hostels and dine in mess with their hosts. Visiting laboratories, libraries and participation in games will excite them with joy of learning.
Some documentaries/short films on recent big scientific discoveries or missions (such as the Moon Mission) can be shown to the students. Focused viewing in a theatre-like ambience to be followed by some interactive sessions on the topic may cut a deeper impression. As an example one may mention the BBC documentary on Fermat's Last Theorem.


Composition of the Visiting Students School Children

The students from the North-Eastern region will visit premier institutes (IITs, IISERs and NIAS). Two groups in summer and one group in winter, consisting of 32 students each, will cover 2112 students in an academic year.

Each visiting batch will have equal distribution of students from Class IX and Class XI. Each group of 32 can be formed by taking 4 students from one single school in each of the eight NE states. Mingling of students of different NE states will have its additional benefits. In one academic year (of IITs and IISERs), each institute will cover 24 schools. Thus, 504 NE schools will be covered by the premier institutes (63 schools from each NE state). Each school will send one teacher to accompany the students of that school. A total of 504 teachers will be visiting the Premier Institutes. Schools not covered in the first year will be given a chance next year. The students and the accompanying teachers will be provided with the travel cost to and fro.