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EE102: Basic Electronics Laboratory


Lab Sessions and Exam Schedule(updated on 19th May, 2023) Click Here
Lab Groupings(updated on 18th March, 2023) Click Here
Lab Venue Click Here
Instructors, Staff and TAs (updated on 11th May, 2023) Click Here
General Instructions Regarding the Lab Click Here
EE102 Quiz Solutions(updated on 16th June, 2023) Click Here

Lab Manual

Introduction to Basic Lab Components and Equipments Click Here


Experimental Handouts

Expt. No. 1: Familiarization with Lab Equipments Click Here
Expt. No. 2: Verification of Circuit Theorems Click Here
Expt. No. 3: RC, RL and RLC Circuits Click Here
Expt. No. 4: Diode Circuits Click Here
Expt. No. 5: Power Supply Circuits Click Here
Expt. No. 6: Operational Amplifier Circuits Click Here
Expt. No. 7 & 8: Common Emitter Amplifier Click Here