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  • Review Article Published in Frontiers in Microbiology.
  • About Us

    The research focus of our group is the sustainable process development for various value added products using microbes as a cell factory. We have been extensively working on production of biofuels e.g., biodiesel and bio crude from photosynthetic organism microalgae. We are also working on bioethanol and biobutanol from Z. mobilis and Clostridum sp. While we seek to develop sustainable process with enhanced economic feasibility via novel process engineering strategies, understanding the underlying regulation of the microbes is another focal point of our research. We adopt an interdisciplinary approach via combining chemical and biochemical engineering principles, system biology approach and molecular biology techniques. Our future research interest are focused on (i) high value compounds from microalgae and (ii) gas fermentation as sustainable platform for production of fuels and high value chemicals.

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