Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Current MTech Students

Sl. no Name Research Topic
1 Sanil Upadhyay Satellite Optical Image De-fogging
2 Ira Bist Varicolored Video Dehazing
3 Ashish Kumar Flood Estimation
4 Himanshu Shekar (Jointly with Prof. P.K. Bora) Adversarial Perturbation
5 Jyotish Saikia (Jointly with Prof. Rohit Sinha) Audio Visual Speaker verification
6 Rohit Kumar Jain (Jointly with Dr. Palash Ghosh) Personalized Medicine

Current BTech Students

Sl. no Name Research Topic
1 Keerti Harpavat Zero shot learning
2 Aryan Agrawal Deep Neural Network Compression
3 Udbhav Chugh Video De-blurring
4 Annanya Pratap Singh Chauhan Network caching in Edge Computing