Dept. Of CSE, IIT Guwahati


We are a research group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) headed by Dr. Arijit Sur and Dr. Arnab Sarkar. Our research is mainly focused on Multimedia Signal Processing and Communication, specifically, image and video watermarking, information hiding, computer vision and resource allocation for multimedia streaming in wireless networks.

Recent News

Recently Published

1. Rana, S., Sur, A.: "Depth Based View Invariant Blind 3D Image Watermarking".ACM Trans. Multimedia Comput. Commun. Appl. (Accepted 2016)

2. Rana, S., Gaj, S., Sur, A., Bora, P.: Detection of Fake 3D Video Using CNN, MMSP 2016 (Accepted)

3. Rana, S., Gaj, S., Sur, A., Bora, P.: Segmentation Based 3D Depth Watermarking using SIFT, MMSP 2016 (Accepted)

4. Gaj, S., Rana, S., Sur, A., Bora, P.: A Drift Compensated Reversible Watermarking Scheme for H.265/HEVC, MMSP 2016 (Accepted)

5. S. Kumar, A. Sarkar, S. Sriram, A. Sur. "A Three Level LTE Downlink Scheduling Framework for RT VBR Traffic." Computer Networks, Elsevier, August, 2015.(Accepted)

6. S. Kumar, S. Sriram, A. Sarkar, A. Sur. A Three Level Adaptive Video Streaming Framework Over LTE. ,IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Oct, 2016.(Accepted)

7. Rana, S., Sur, A.: "3D video watermarking using DT-DWT to resist synthesis view attack". in European Signal Processing Conference 2015 (EUSIPCO 2015), Nice, France, Aug. 2015.(Accepted)