Name: Vidyapu Sandeep
Thesis Title: Computational Modeling of Free-Viewing Attention on Multimodal Webpages- A Machine Learning Approach.
Supervisors: V. Vijaya Saradhi, Samit Bhattacharya
Name: Rakesh Pandey
Thesis Title: Efficient Mapping of Multi-threaded Workloads on to Chip Multiprocessors
Supervisor: Aryabartta Sahu
Name: Madhusudan Paul
Thesis Title: Overlapping community detection and filteration of low-confidence protein interactions towards protein complex identification from PPI networks
Supervisor: Ashish Anand
Name: Mousum Handique
Thesis Title: Test Pattern Generation and Fault Localization for some Fault Models in Reversible Circuits
Supervisors: Jatindra Kr. Deka, Santosh Biswas
Name: Akash Anil
Thesis Title: Link Prediction in Heterogeneous Information Networks: From Network Topology to Network Embedding
Supervisor: Sanasam Ranbir Singh
Name: Shilpa Budhkar
Thesis Title: Overlay Management Strategies to Improve QoS in Peer-assisted Live Streaming Systems.
Supervisor: T. Venkatesh
Name: Sonia
Thesis Title: Non-intrusive Human Sensing: Techniques and Applications
Supervisors: Rashmi Dutta Baruah, Shivashankar B. Nair
Name: Ranjan Maity
Thesis Title: Computational Models and Framework for Automatic Prediction of Webpage Aesthetics.
Supervisor: Samit Bhattacharya
Name: Lalatendu Behera
Thesis Title: Time-triggered Scheduling Algorithms for Mixed-criticality Systems
Supervisor: Purandar Bhaduri
Name: Tushar Semwal
Thesis Title: On Decentralizing Intelligence in Cyber-Physical Systems
Supervisor: Shivashankar B. Nair
Name: Amrita Bose Paul
Thesis Title: Reliable and Trust based forwarder selection for a class of multi-hop Networks.
Supervisors: Sukumar Nandi, Santosh Biswas
Name: Rajesh .D
Thesis Title: Real-Time Scheduler Design for Safety Critical Systems: A Supervisory Control Approach.
Supervisors: Arnab Sarkar, Santosh Biswas
Name: Manojit Ghose
Thesis Title: Energy Efficient Scheduling of Real Time Tasks on Large Systems and Cloud.
Supervisors: Aryabartta Sahu, Sushanta Karmakar
Name: Mohit Kumar
Thesis Title: Automatic Speaker Recognition using Low Resources:Experiments in Feature Reduction and Learning.
Supervisor: Pradip Kr. Das
Name: Amit Kumar Srivastava
Thesis Title: Robustness of Primitive and L-Primitive Words.
Supervisors: Benny George K., Kalpesh Kapoor
Name: Killi Balaprakasa Rao
Thesis Title: On Placement of Controllers And Hypervisors in Software Defined Networks.
Supervisor: S. V. Rao
Name: Basant Subba
Thesis Title: On improving the efficiency of intrusion detwction systems using game theoretic approaches.
Supervisors: Sushanta Karmakar, Santosh Biswas
Name: Sunil Kumar Sahu
Thesis Title: Neural Architecture for Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction in Biomedical and Clinical Text.
Supervisor: Ashish Anand
Name: Radhika Sukapuram
Thesis Title: Update Algorithms for Software Defined Networks
Supervisor: Gautam Barua
Name: Biswajit Bhowmik
Thesis Title: Performance-Aware Test-Time Optimization Schemes of Analysis of Logic Level Faults in Channels of On-Chip Networks.
Supervisors: Jatindra Kr. Deka, Santosh Biswas
Name: Satish Kumar
Thesis Title: Resource Allocation Strategies for Multimedia Services in Cellular Networks.
Supervisors: Arijit Sur, Arnab Sarkar
Name: Shounak Chakraborty
Thesis Title: Energy and Thermal Management of CMPs by Dynamic Cache Recognition.
Supervisor: Hemangee K. Kapoor
Name: Rakesh Tripathi
Thesis Title: Towards Cost- Aware Capacity Provisioning and Load Balancing in Fault Tolerant Distributed Data Centers.
Supervisor: T. Venkatesh
Name: Sibaji Gaj
Thesis Title: Watermarking Schemes for High Definition Videos.
Supervisors: Arijit Sur, P. K. Bora
Name: Debanjan Sadhukhan
Thesis Title: Stochastic Approach to Quality of Service in Data Gathering for Wireless Sensor Networks.
Supervisor: S. V. Rao
Name: Shuvendu Rana
Thesis Title: Watermarking of 3D Images and Video
Supervisor: Arijit Sur
Name: Pradeep Kumar Biswal
Thesis Title: Decision Diagrams Based On-line Testing of Digital VLSI Circuits
Supervisor: Santosh Biswas
Name: Mayank Naresh Agarwal
Thesis Title: Intrusion Detection System for Attacks in Wi-Fi Networks: A Discrete Event System Approach
Supervisors: Sukumar Nandi, Santosh Biswas
Name: Niladri Sett
Thesis Title: Exploiting tie -Strength and structure towards link prediction in social networks.
Supervisors: Sanasam Ranbir Singh, Sukumar Nandi
Name: Shashi Shekhar Jha
Thesis Title: On Mobile Agents for Learning and Coordination in a Networked Robotics Milieu.
Supervisor: Shivashankar B. Nair
Name: Ashok Kumar AR
Thesis Title: 4-4,1-4:A novel architecture for data center networks and its performance study.
Supervisors: S. V. Rao, Diganta Goswami
Name: Rohit Tripathi
Thesis Title: Dynamic Internet Pricing with Service Level Agreements for Clients with Multi ISP Connections
Supervisor: Gautam Barua
Name: Nilakanta Sahu
Thesis Title: Robust Watermarking for Scalable Video Sequence
Supervisor: Arijit Sur
Name: Shirshendu Das
Thesis Title: Effective Utilization of LLCs by Managing Associativity Placement and Mapping
Supervisor: Hemangee K. Kapoor
Name: Rajendra Pamula
Thesis Title: Data Pruning Based Outlier Detection
Supervisors: Jatindra Kr. Deka, Sukumar Nandi
Name: Mamata Samal
Thesis Title: Quality Analysis of Correlation Clustering
Supervisors: V. Vijaya Saradhi, Sukumar Nandi
Name: Suddhasil De
Thesis Title: Improvements in Coordination Functionality of Tuple Space model for Mobile Middleware
Supervisors: Sukumar Nandi, Diganta Goswami
Name: Pallav Dutta
Thesis Title: An Online Semi Automated Part of Speech Tagging Technique Applied To Assamese
Supervisor: Gautam Barua
Name: Shrinivasa Naika CL
Thesis Title: Asymmetric Region Local Binary Patterns for Face Image Analysis
Supervisor: Pradip Kr. Das
Name: Abhijit Sarma
Thesis Title: Context Aware Handover for WiFi and Its Extension to WiMAX
Supervisor: Sukumar Nandi
Name: Hari Prabhat Gupta
Thesis Title: Stochastic Coverage and Connectivity in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Supervisors: S. V. Rao, T. Venkatesh
Name: Tanima Dutta
Thesis Title: Robust Compressed Domain Video Watermarking for H.264 / AVC
Supervisors: Sukumar Nandi, Arijit Sur
Name: Maushumi Barooah
Thesis Title: An Architectural Framework for Seamless Hand-off between UMTS and WLAN Network
Supervisor: Sukumar Nandi
Name: Suchetana Chakraborty
Thesis Title: Tree Based Data Gathering from Sensors: Topology Management Sustaining QoS
Supervisor: Sushanta Karmakar
Name: Sandip Chakraborty
Thesis Title: Capacity Enhancement, QoS and Rate Adaptation in IEEE 802.11 s: A Performance Improvement Perspective
Supervisor: Sukumar Nandi
Name: Ferdous Ahmed Barbhuiya
Thesis Title: Design and Development of Intrusion Detection System: A Discrete Event System Approach
Supervisors: Sukumar Nandi, Santosh Biswas
Name: Pravati Swain
Thesis Title: Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF Power Save Mode in IBSS
Supervisors: Sukumar Nandi, Purandar Bhaduri
Name: Lipika Deka
Thesis Title: Consistent Online Backup in Transactional File Systems
Supervisor: Gautam Barua
Name: Godfrey Wilson Wilfred
Thesis Title: Mobile Agent Based Bio-Inspired Mechanisms For Servicing Networked Robots
Supervisor: Shivashankar B. Nair
Name: Bidyut Kr. Patra
Thesis Title: Mining Arbitrary Shaped Clusters in Large Dataset
Supervisor: Sukumar Nandi
Name: Neminath Hubblli
Thesis Title: Design of Network Intrusion Detection Systems: An Effective Alarm Generation Perspective
Supervisors: Sukumar Nandi, Santosh Biswas
Name: Guru Prasad Khataniar
Thesis Title: Some Novel Approaches to Improve Performance of Peer-to-Peer Systems
Supervisor: Diganta Goswami
Name: D Satyanarayana
Thesis Title: Delaunay Triangulation based Spanners for MANET
Supervisor: S. V. Rao
Name: Sraban Kumar Mohanty
Thesis Title: I/O efficient algorithms for matrix computations
Supervisor: G. Sajith
Name: Alka
Thesis Title: Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Data Sets
Supervisor: G. Sajith
Name: Ashok Singh Sairam
Thesis Title: Overlapping community detection and filteration of low-confidence protein interactions towards protein complex identification from PPI networks
Supervisor: Gautam Barua
Name: Nityananda Sarma
Thesis Title: Quality of Service Issues in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Supervisor: Sukumar Nandi
Name: Somanath Tripathy
Thesis Title: Cryptographic Algorithms for Resource Constrained Devices
Supervisor: Sukumar Nandi
Name: N. Sudha
Thesis Title: Euclidean Distance Transform and its Applications: Algorithms and Cellular Architectures
Supervisor: Sukumar Nandi
Name: Mrityunjay Singh
Thesis Title: Patterns, Pattern Avoidance and Graphs on Words
Supervisor: Benny George K.
Name: Abhishek
Thesis Title: Fine-grained Entity Detection and Typing
Supervisors: Amit Awekar, Ashish Anand