This programme is starting with total of 20 seats.
M. Tech. in Data Science accommodates students with diverse backgrounds.



A New M. Tech. Programme jointly offered by three departments.

Dept. of EEE


Focus on building foundation with enough flexibility and diversity in elective courses.

Short List

Short listing criteria as specified below

  1. Click here for the original call letter sent out to the candidates
  2. Candidates must bring the following:
    • a pencil
    • eraser
    • black ball point pen
  3. If your name is appearing in the list of short listed candidates and you have not received call letter from dsadmission@iitg.ac.in, treat this message as the invitation for the written test.
  4. Bring the following documents at the time of written test
    1. Your colour photograph of size 4.5 cm. x 3.5 cm., affixed on the copy of the online application
    2. Self-Attested copy of your Date of Birth Certificate (if DoB is not mentioned in your Class X/XII Pass Certificate/Mark Sheet)
    3. Self-Attested copy of your Category certificates (EWS/OBC(NCL)/SC/ST), if applicable
    4. Self-Attested copy of your ‘PwD’ Certificate, if applicable
    5. Self-Attested copies of Pass Certificates and Mark Sheets [ Mark Sheets should be complete for all semesters/years of your educational qualifications (from Class X onwards)]
    6. As may be applicable, copy of your qualifying degree Grade Point Average to Percentage conversion certificate (or proof thereof)
    7. Self-attested copy of your valid GATE Score Card.
    8. You are also required to bring all ORIGINAL documents mentioned above for verification on the day of your Written Test
  5. Accommodation will be provided based on the availability of rooms and on first come first serve basis. You need to filled in the form available in the following URL.

This message is for all those candidates who applied for M. Tech in Data Science programme at IIT Guwahati. Candidates whose GATE score is greater than or equal to the mentioned cut-off score in the following table are shorted listed for written test. Call letter containing information about written test and accommodation details will be sent personally to the shortlisted candidates. In case your GATE score is more than the specified cut-off below and you have not got call letter by Friday, 26-Apr-2019 @12:00 hours, contact dsadmission@iitg.ac.in. Accommodation will be provided based on the availability of rooms and on first come first serve basis.

Category GATE Score Cut-off
Non-EWS General 600
EWS General 600
SC 400
ST 400
PD 400

Component Weightage
GATE Score (Normalized to 100) 70%
Written Test Score (Normalized to 100) 30%
  1. Candidates are ranked considering GATE weightage and Written Test Score
  2. Candidates should follow the updates at IIT Guwahati Admissions Site

Important Announcement

Hostel Accommodation: Accommodation for shortlisted MALE and FEMALE candidates will be arranged in the hostels from 13th morning to 15th morning, May 2019, subject to the availability and on first come first serve basis.

Kindly note the following points:
  1. For accommodation, the candidates have to report at the control rooms located in Dhansiri hostel for Female candidates, and New Boys hostel for Male candidates on 13th May 2019.
  2. Accommodation Charges: Rs. 200/- per candidate. The candidate has to vacate the room by 15th May, 2019 morning.
  3. Accommodation will be usually given on multi-sharing basis. It may also be provided in common rooms of the hostel.
  4. The accommodation will be provided only for candidates. No accommodation will be provided for Parents/ Guardian/ Authorized representatives/Accompanying persons.
  5. If required, the candidate can hire mattresses/bed-sheets/pillows/buckets etc from vendors by paying the appropriate rates. The details of the vendors can be obtained from the control room.
  6. For arranging food for the participants, candidates may speak to the hostel mess caterers, mess charge Rs. 35/- breakfast, Rs. 50/- Lunch and Dinner.

Note 1 Please note that, there is shortage of accommodation in the Hostel. So, the candidates are encouraged to arrange accommodations on their own.

Note 2 Candidates who are visiting the campus on 14-May-2019 and leaving the campus on 14-May-2019 itself will not be eligible for hostel accommodation.

Note 3 Student volunteers names and email addresses are provided for information regarding accommodation and campus guidance.
Name e-mail
Vikrant Nayak vikrant18@iitg.ac.in
Rocky Engti rocky@iitg.ac.in
Saptarhsi Pyne p.saptarshi@iitg.ac.in
Gyanendro gyanendrol9@iitg.ac.in
Swarup b.swarup@iitg.ac.in
Saroj s.shivagunde@iitg.ac.in
Neelakshi s.neelakshi@iitg.ac.in

For those applicants whose name is not in the list of shortlisted candidates, but satisfy the Cut-off Criteria, you may come for the written examination provided

  1. You have successfully submitted the application online. You will need to bring the printed copy of the successfully online application.
  2. You have paid the application fees successfully. You will need to bring the proof of payment at the time of submitting application.
  3. If you satisfy the above two (1 and 2) condition, you may consider this is the formal call letter. In addition to the above two documents (mentioned in 1 and 2), you should bring all the relevant documents listed in the Call Letter for the original call letter sent out to the candidates


First interdisciplinary M. Tech. programme at IIT Guwahati.


Accommodates flexible student background at the admission time. See eligibility criteria for this programme.

Three Departments

CSE, EEE and Mathematics departments offer this program. Curriculum is designed keeping in view diversity of the students, emphasizing on the foundational subjects the programme expects.

Starting of the Program

This new program is starting from the July 2019 academic year. Visit the link for details about admission and application procedure

Competitive Admission Procedure

This programme is starting with total of 20 seats. Best of the candidate will be competing.

Important Dates

Application Related


Starting date of online applications filling.

5:00 PM, 08-Apr-2019

Closing date of online application acceptance. Visit Admission to M. Tech Programmes

Written Test Date Finalized

Written Test Date Finalized


Written Test at IITG on May 14, 2019 . The offers will be notified through the COAP 2019 portal. Please follow it up at Follow up link

Why Data Science?

M. Tech in Data Science as a Degree


Few institutions offer

Very few institutions offer data science as degree programme that span two years including one year research exposure in this field.

Why Data Science?

Data Science is gaining prominence in academia and industry


Interdisciplinary Research

Data science witnessing applications in diverse research disciplines. Introduction to this program opens up several new opportunities in science and engineering research.


Industry Demand

Data Scientist positions are new roles where industry is looking for trained resources. There is a perceivable large gap between the number of opportunities and the trained resources.


Minimum Requirements

Degree Requirement

Bachelor’s degree in any stream of Engineering/ Technology or equivalent in an appropriate area or MCA/M. Sc/Four years B Sc or equivalent in appropriate discipline

Minimum Qualification

Minimum CPI of 6.0 or 60% qualifying degree, fulfilling specific requirements for different disciplines.

GATE Requirement

A valid Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) score in CS, EC, EE, IN, MA, ST or XE is a must.

Written Test

Candidates meeting minimum requirements are eligible for applying to M. Tech. in Data Science programme. Short-listed candidates will be called for a written test to be held at IIT Guwahati Campus.

Admission Procedure

  1. Have a valid GATE score in CS, EC, EE, IN, MA, ST or XE
  2. Apply through Offline/online application procedure on or before 5:00 PM, 08-Apr-2019. Visit for details: IIT Guwahati Admission July 2019
  3. Short listing of applications will be based on GATE score
  4. Short listed candidates will be called for written test to be held at IIT Guwahati
  5. Written test to be held at IIT Guwahati on 14-May-2019
  6. Follow-up the developments at IIT Guwahati Admission July 2019
    1. Contact us
Step 1 Step 1

Apply Offline/Online

url: Click here

  • dsadmission@iitg.ac.in
  • +91 361 258 2400
Step 2 Step 2

Short listing & Written Test

Written Test Venue: IIT Guwahati

  • dsadmission@iitg.ac.in
  • +91 361 258 2400
Step 3 Step 3

Follow up at IIT Guwahati Admissions July 2019 portal

IIT Guwahati Admission July2019 Portal

  • dsadmission@iitg.ac.in
  • +91 361 258 2400

Written Test


  1. Engineering Mathematics (50%): Download sample questions
    • Linear Algebra: Matrices, determinants, system of linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors;
    • Calculus: Limits and continuity, Differential and integral calculus, Maxima and minima, Applications of Differential and integral calculus;
    • Probability: Classical probability, independent events, Conditional Probability and Bayes Theorem.
  2. Programming (30%): Download sample questions
    • Data types, variables, operators, expressions, statements, control structures, array
  3. Data Interpretation (20%): Download sample questions
    • Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Interpretation of table, Interpretation of Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Line Plot.

Semester 1

Downloadsyllabus for the M. Tech. Data Science course curriculum. Comprehensive list of electives is also included.
Course No. Title Credits
MA 589 Statistical Foundations for Data Science 3 0 0 6
MA 579H Scientific Computing 3 0 0 3
MA 580H Matrix Computations 3 0 0 3
CS 591 H Data Structures & Algorithms 3 0 0 3
CS 592 H Databases 3 0 0 3
XX ddd Elective - I 3 0 0 6
CS 593 Data structures and Databases Lab 0 0 3 3
MA 581 Numerical Computations Lab 0 0 3 3
CS 594 Python Programming Lab 0 0 3 3

Semester 2

Course No. Title Credits
EE 595 H Stochastic Models 3 0 0 3
EE 596 H Optimization Techniques 3 0 0 3
EE 526 Machine Learning 3 0 0 6
XX ddd Elective - II 3 0 0 6
XX ddd Elective - III 3 0 0 6
EE 527 Machine Learning Lab 0 0 3 3
MA 588 R Programming Lab 0 0 3 3
CS 595 Data Visualization Lab 0 0 3 3

Semester 3

Course No. Title Credits
DS 698 MTP Project - I 0 0 24 24

Semester 4

Course No. Title Credits
DS 699 MTP Project - II 0 0 24 24

Apply to M. Tech. in Data Science Programme at IIT Guwahati

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