Raghvendra Gupta

Dr. Raghvendra Gupta

Associate Professor

Key Research Areas :Multiphase flow, Microfluidics and micro process engineering, Computational and experimental fluid dynamics.

Available M Tech Projects (Dec 2021)

Jan 1, 1970

Experimental and Computational Investigations of Transport Processes in Stirred Tank Reactors:

 Stirred tank reactors are workhorse in a number of industries in batch as well as continuous mode. However, the design of these reactors, especially for multiphase system is still based on empirical correlations which are valid only for the conditions they have been developed. In this work, we aim to model the gas-liquid flow in stirred tank reactors using computational fluid dynamics to understand the effect of different geometrical and flow parameters. Further, experiments are underway to measure the volume fraction distribution and local velocity in the liquid field using radiotracer based techniques in collaboration with IIT BHU.

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Multiphase Microreactors: Applications

The applications of microreactors are being explored in a number of applications due to the advantage of high interfacial area density, high rates of heat and mass transfer, ability to handle highly exothermic reactions and ability to provide better process control. Our research group has investigated the fundamentals of flow and heat transfer for gas-liquid and liquid-liquid flow in microsystem. We are looking towards understanding the transport processes in such multiphase systems for various applications. The potential candidates are suggested to browse through various related publication from our research group. Following papers can further be referred to:

1. Madhawan, A., Arora, A., Das, J. et al. Microreactor technology for biodiesel production: a review. Biomass Conv. Bioref. 8, 485–496 (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s13399-017-0296-0

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Understanding Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Flows:

Cardiovascular system refers to the blood supply system of the body and includes heart and vascular vessels such as arteries, veins, arterioles, venules and capillaries. The pulmonary system refers to the flow of air to and from lungs. The two systems interact in the lungs where gases are exchanged between blood and the atmospheric air. Several projects are possible depending on the students’ interest and experience ranging from development of one-dimensional model for air flow and mass transfer in lungs, development and implementation of an impedance outlet boundary condition for flow in arterial segments, experiments and modelling of flow in a nasal spray. The students can get in touch with me for further discussion.