TEQIP II: Introduction

TEQIP-II (Technical Education Quality Improvement program) is a World Bank assisted National level project of MHRD-GoI. To administer TEQIP-II at IIT Guwahati, a Knowledge Incubation Cell (KIC), sanctioned by MHRD under section 3.1.4 sub-component 1.3: Faculty development for Effective Teaching (Pedagogical Training), was set up in February 2014, which is attached to CET. TEQIP-II, initially sanctioned up to 2015, was extended till March 2017.

Broadly, the objectives of this national level MHRD project are classified as:

  1. Promotion of Academic excellence
  2. Networking of Institutions for Quality enhancement and Resource sharing
  3. Quality and outreach of services to Industry and Economy.

In particular, the objectives of KIC under TEQIP-II are:

  • Coordinate imparting of Quality Circle Training programs/internship/opportunity to enhance UG, PG & PhD curricula/collaborative research for faculties from TEQIP mapped Institutions .
  • Innovation in Content & Curricula of Technical Education, integrating multidisciplinary approach.
  • Initiate Quality Circles in specific Knowledge Disciplines to harvest best practices in Pedagogy & Knowledge management.
  • Formation and management of complex virtual digital delivery systems required by various technical disciplines.
  • Conduct & Coordinate Short-term courses & Workshops in collaboration with Departments & Centers.
  • Facilitate organizing of Seminars, Symposiums & Conferences to interchange results/ideas - with themes in Education Development, Instructional Design, Communications, deployment of Learning content and Pedagogy, Value education, Personality development etc.
  • Coordinate short-term Internships & visits of students and faculties from project-institutions in collaboration with Departments. Facilitate faculties of these institutions to explore pursuing PhD related work at IITG.

Activities under TEQIP-II:

Department-wise activities can be planned under any of the following events:

  1. Innovation content Development through Collaboration & Mentorship
  2. Project internship for UG/PG students from TEQIP institutions
  3. Short-term courses for training TEQIP faculty (generally, duration to be of 5 days)
  4. Workshop, seminar, symposium for TEQIP faculty (duration can be anything between 1 day to 5 days)
  5. Sabbatical for teachers from TEQIP institutions (maximum two faculty) to pursue PhD under mentorship of IITG
  6. Visiting Faculty Training & mentoring program

List of TEQIP-II Project Institutions in Quality Circle with IIT Guwahati by NPIU, MHRD

State Sub-Component 1.1 Sub-Component 1.2
CFIs School of Technology, Assam University, Silchar NIT Rourkela
  National Institute of Technology, Agartala NIT Silchar
  NIT Patna ISM Dhanbad
  North Eastern Regional Institute of Science &
Technology (NERIST), Itanagar
NIT Jamshedpur
Kerala College of Engineering, Adoor, Manakkala, Kerala  
  College of Engineering, Cherthala, Pallippuram,
Alappuzha, Kerala
  College of Engineering, Karunagappaly, Thodiyoor,
Kollam, Kerala
  College of Engineering, Kidangoor, Kottayam  
  College of Engineering, Perumon, Kollam  
  College of Engineering, Thalaserry  
  College of Engineering, Trikaripura, Kasargod  
  Cooperative Institute of Technology, Vadakara,
Madarathur, Kottayam
  Government Engineering College, Barton Hill,
  Government Engineering College, Kannur  
Odisha College of Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneshwar  
  Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla, Sambalpur  
Tripura Tripura Institute of Technology, Narsingarh, Tripura  
Bihar Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology, Muzaffarpur  
  Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur  
Jharkhand Cambridge Institute of Technology, Ranchi Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra,

Download TEQIP mapped institutions addresses

Events under TEQIP 2015-2016

List of TEQIP courses to be offered by IITG during 2015-2016

Sl. No. Title of the Course / Event / Workshop Date Coordinators
1 Recent trends in fuel cell technology 28 - 29 Dec, 2015 Prof. P. Goswami
2 Solar Energy Conversion and Management 23 - 27 Nov, 2015 Dr. Pankaj Kalita
Dr. R. Anandalakshmi
Dr. P. Agarwal
3 Energy Management and Energy Efficiency 23 - 27 May, 2016 Dr. V.S Moholkar
Dr. Pankaj Kalita 
Dr. C. Somyaji 
4 Recent Development of Magnetic Bearing and Energy Efficient Bearing-less Machines 26 - 27 Sept, 2016 Dr. Sashidhar K Kakoty
Dr. Karuna Kalita
5 Surfactant Mediated pollutant removal techniques 19 - 23 Jan, 2016 Prof. M K Purkait
6 Air Quality & Climate Change: Control & Modelling 4-8 Apr, 2016 Dr. Harsha Kota
Prof.  Sharad Gokhale
7 Biological Treatment of Solid Waste 8 - 10 Feb, 2016 Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad
8 Modern Instruments in Research 29 Mar-1 April, 2016 Prof. G Krishnamoorthy
9 Advanced Process Control 10-12 Feb, 2016 Prof. Prabirkumar Saha
10 Novel Catalysts for Industrial Use 24-26 Aug, 2016 Dr. Nageswara Rao Peela          
Dr. Mahuya De
11 Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Industry 7-11 Mar, 2016 Dr. Rajesh Upadhyay                  
Dr. Pankaj Tiwari                      
Dr. Raghvendra Gupta
12 Advanced Clean Fuel Technologies and Alternative Energy Systems 7-11 Mar, 2016 Dr. V. Prabu 
Dr. R. Anandalakshmi 
Dr. R. Prasanna  Venkatesh 
Dr. Nageswara Rao Peela
13 Recent Trends in Catalysis 13-14 May, 2016 Dr. Akshai Kumar A.S
Dr. Animesh Das
14 Sustainability in Construction: Materials and Management 30 May-01 Jun, 2016 Dr. Indu Siva Gandhi 
Dr.L Boeing Singh
Dr. Bulu Pradhan
15 Rock Engineering for Infrastructural Development 5-8 Apr, 2016 Dr. A. Murali Krishna 
Dr. S. Sreedeep
16 User Centric Mobile Computing 16-18 Nov, 2015 Dr. Samit Bhattachrya
Dr. T Venkatesh
17 Centralized and Distributed Graph Algorithms 23-25 May, 2016 Dr. Sushanta Karmakar
18 Recent Advances in Computer Architecture 30 May-03 Jun, 2016 Dr. John Jose 
Dr. Hemangee K. Kapoor
19 Visual Display Design: Scientific way of Representation 14-16 Mar, 2016 Dr. Urmi R Salve
Dr. Nanki Nath
20 Algorithms & Architectures for High Efficiency Video Coding 5-9 Sept,2016 Dr. S. Rafi Ahamed
Dr. M.K Bhuyan
21 Advances in Photonics 25-26 Feb, 2016 Dr. Brijesh Kumar Rai
Dr. Ramesh Kr. Sonkar
22 Basic Statistical Tests and Data Analysis Using SPSS 30 Mar-1 Apr 2016 Dr. Dilwar Hussain
Dr. B. Sengupta
23 Sustainability Issues in the Human Development Framework: Measurements and Accounting 10-11 Mar, 2016 Dr. R. Bedamatta
24 Language, Literature and Cognition 25-27 Nov, 2015 Dr. Shakuntala Mahanta 
Dr. Avishek Parui
25 Advanced Gear Engineering 21-22 Nov,2015 Dr. S. Senthilvelan
26 Fundamentals of Microfludics and its application in Bio-Medical Engineering 22-23 Jan, 2016 Dr. Pranab Kr. Modal                  
Dr. Balkrishna Mehta
27 A short Term Course on Advances in Vibration Engineering 13-15 Dec, 2015 Prof. S.K Dwivedy
28 A Short Term Course on Rotor Dynamics: Theory & Practice 16-18 Dec, 2015 Dr. R. Tiwari
29 Practicle Aspects of Finite Elements Analysis 25-29 Jan, 2016 Dr. Sachin Singh Gautam
30 National Workshop on Atomistic Simulation Techniques for Materials Science, Nanotechnology and Biosciences 21-24 Dec, 2015 Dr. P.K Padmanabhan 
Dr. S. Ghosh
31 Celebrating the 2015 International year of Light and Light based Technologies 31 Oct 2015 Dr. Bosanta R Boruah
32 Advancement and Applications of Ultrafast Laser Pulses 22-23 Aug, 2016 Dr. Gagan Kumar
Dr. Amitabh Chatterjee
33 Algorithms in Engineering 15-19 Feb, 2016 Dr. Gautam K. Das
34 Mathematical analysis and its applications to engineering 2-4 Jan, 2016 Dr. Bikash Bhattacharya 
Dr. Jitendriya Swain

Events under TEQIP 2014-2015

Courses / Workshops/ Events offered at IITG Campus under TEQIP (2014-2015)

Sl.No. Title of the Course / Event / Workshop Dates Coordinator(s)
1 Peptide drugs: From Modeling to Practice 07-08 Nov 2014 Dr. Nitin Chaudhary
2 Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Cancer biology 4-8 Feb 2015 Dr. AB Kunnumakkara
3 Brainstorming Workshop on Development of Processes and Devices for Bio-medical Applications 8 Oct 2014 Dr. Karuna Kalita
Dr. Amaresh Dalal
4 Workshop on Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism 21 Oct 2014 Dr. Praveen Kumar
Dr. Pradeep Yammiyavar
5 Technical Writing Workshop 06-07 Dec 2014 Dr. Ramgopal Uppaluri
6 Recent Trends in Electronics and computation 9-11 March 2015 Dr. Gaurav Trivedi
Dr. Hemangee Kapoor
7 Recent Trends in Renewable Energy Utilization System 23-24 Jan 2015 Dr. Chandramohan Somayaji
Dr. P. Muthukumar
8 Membrane Technology & Application 09-10 Dec 2014 Dr. Bishnupada Mandal
Dr. Chandan Das
9 Solid Waste Management-challenges and opportunities Environment 12-14 Jan 2015 Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad
10 Sophisticated Instruments in Interdisciplinary Research 10-13 Nov 2014 Dr. G. Krishnamoorthy
11 Transport Processes and Optimization Techniques in Polymers Module I 15-16 Dec 2014 Dr. Bishnupada Mandal
Dr. Vimal Katiyar
Transport Processes and Optimization Techniques in Polymers Module II 17-18 Dec 2014 Dr. Amit Kumar
Dr. Prakash Kotecha
Transport Processes and Optimization Techniques in Polymers Module III 19-20 Dec 2014 Dr. Anandalakshmi
Dr. Raghvendra Gupta
12 Emerging Micro pollutants in the Environment: Occurrence, Transportation, Monitoring and Treatment 23-27 Mar 2015 Dr. K. Mohanty
Dr. Tamal Banerjee
13 Solar Energy Harvesting 20-21 Feb 2015 Dr. K. Mahata
Dr. S.P. Biswas
14 Water Resources Management and climate Change Impacts Assessment 22-26 Dec 2014 Dr. Manish Kumar Goyel
Dr. Arup .K. Sarma
15 Management and Procurement of Integrated Waste Management System 06-07 Feb 2015 Dr. L. Boeing Singh
Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad
16 Real-time Embedded System: Design, Verification and Test 27-29 Nov 2014 Dr. Arnab Sarkar
Dr. Santosh Biswas
17 Information & Communication Technology in Healthcare- Challenges & promises 25 Mar 2015 Dr. Ashish Anand
Dr. Arnab Sarkar
18 Creative Learning Methods in Technical Education Design 11-15 Nov 2014 Dr. Pankaj Upadhyay
Dr. Ravi Mokashi Punekar
19 Expert meeting and panel discussion on Formulation of Curriculum for Ergonomics and Occupational Health 04 Dec 2014 Dr. Swati Pal
20 IPR in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 16 March 2015 Prof. Pradeep Yammiyavar
Dr. Utpal Bora
21 Recent Advances in Communication and Signal Processing 12-16 Jan 2015 Dr. Ratnajit Bhattacharjee
22 Developing and Teaching Literary Theory Courses in the 21st Century Academia 08-09 Jan 2015 Dr. Avishek Parui
23 Workshop on Human Values and Ethics 21-23 Jan 2015 Dr. V. Prabhu
24 Advanced Machining and Finishing Processes 15-16 Dec 2014 Dr. M. Ravi Sankar
25 Advances in Welding and Joining Technologies Mech. Engg. 29-31 Dec 2014 Dr. Swarup Bag
26 State of the art in Microfluidics 09 Jan 2015

Dr. Amaresh Dalal
Dr. D.N. Basu

27 Mathematics for Engineering Education 16-20 Feb 2015 Dr. M.G. P. Prasad
28 Mathematics Teaching: Pedagogy and Practice 20-22 Feb 2015 Dr. B.K Sarma
Dr. Bhupen Deka

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