about the course

This course is designed to build up the understanding on advanced technologies for the production of energy through natural sources such as coal as well as from renewable sources including solar and bio-fuels.The goal is to provide theoretical knowledge as well as the research and development ways to generate new energy, improve the efficient use of existing energy by reducing emissions and environmental destruction. More

about iit guwahati

IIT Guwahati campus is spread over a sprawling 285 hectares plot of green land on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra around 25 km from the heart of the city. With hills and vast open spaces the campus provides an ideal setting for learning. Details on how to reach IITG Campus are available on the website: www.iitg.ac.in.


Under the TEQIP-ll program sponsored by the MHRD IITs have been invited to participate by establishing a Centre dealing with KNOWLEDGE INCUBATION (KIC) vide DO No. 16-25/2013-TS.VII dated 25th June, 2013. These centers are intended to become a focal point for training Faculty, Staff and students from TEQIP-II institutions in Knowledge Engineering, Content Creation, Improving Teaching, Pedagogy and administrative skills in identified niche areas/ disciplines.


KIC- Knowledge Incubation Cell at IITG functions as a multi disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary Innovation Incubation Centre with Knowledge Management as its focus. Its activities are in the area of improving quality of technical education, incubator of Innovative Ideas, implementer of contemporary pedagogy practices and development of learning content in technical institutions.


The last date for the receipt of duly sponsored applications:

By email: Scanned copy: 01/01/2016
Hard copy must reach by: 15/01/2016
Intimation of selection: 25/01/2016


  • Combustion and Gasification Technologies

  • Clean coal technologies

  • Concentrated Solar-thermal Power (CSP)

  • Selected Solar Electric Generating Systems (SGES)

  • Solar Thermal Storage (STS)

  • Bio-energy technologies

  • Basics of electrochemistry

  • Electrochemical characterization techniques

  • Application of electrochemical characterization techniques in various energy systems

  • Experimental session on various electrochemical techniques

  • Pedagogy session

Course Coordinators

Dr. Vairakannu Prabu

Dr. R. Prasanna Venkatesh

Dr. R. Anandalakshmi

Dr. Nageswara Rao Peela