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Fuel cell Lab

Study of fuel cells has assumed immense importance because fuel cells have many advantages - clean, high efficiency, silent / vibration-free, reliable, responsive, high quality power, unlimited runtime, independence from traditional infrastructure, use a variety of fuels, high power density, variable Operating temperatures, complementary technologies, design flexibility etc. The fuel cell lab in theSchool is presently working in two major areas. First, design and development of a biofuel cell for biomedical applications and secondly on the modification of solid electrolyte for direct alcohol fuel cell and for high temperature fuel cells. The laboratory is emphasizing on microbial and enzymatic fuel cell as an alternative source of energy and power generation. In this endeavor, researchers in the lab have actively worked in enzymatic fuel cell with alcohol oxidase in bionanode and laccase in biocathode. We are also carrying out work in PMFC i.e. photosynthetic microbial fuel cell using cyanobacteria in anode as a means of self sustainable power generating profile for a clean, green energy initiative and technology for the future. Facilities available in this laboratory are: Fabrication and characterization of bioelectrodes for biofuelcell and biosensors applications, Facility for development and characterization of composite proton exchange membranes for fuel cell applications, Potentiostat for cyclic voltametric study, amperometric study and PEM Fuel cell demonstration setup