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The Ph.D. programme in Energy Science and Engineering consists mainly of an open-ended research work that is expected to make a contribution to science and technology. Major goal of the School is to provide students with a broad variety of educational experiences: developing their problem solving skills, challenging them with open-ended problems and design projects, providing opportunity for teamwork, developing their written and verbal communication skills, and making research or independent study experiences available to those students with the desire and capability. PhD programme under the School started from July 2005. Every year intake capacity for PhD students are increasing. Students are admitted twice in a year, in July and December. Following are some of the broad areas of research for PhD.

  •  Biodiesel
  •  Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
  •  Biomass Gasification
  •  Circulating Fluidized Bed (Boiler)
  •  Proton exchange membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
  •  DNA fingerprinting and biochemical characterization of biofuel plants
  •  Gene Isolation and characterization of biofuel plants
  •  Design and optimization of ABE fermentation process for biobutanol production
  •  Design and optimization of an integrated whole cell catalyzed biodiesel synthesis and microbial conversion of glycerol to value added products.
  •  Catalysis, FischerTropsch synthesis
  •  Hydrodynamics and heat transfer characteristics with biomass blends in pressurized CFB.
  •  Bioethanol production
  •  Drying technology
  •  Biofuelcell (Enzymatic and microbial)
  •  Bioelectronics
  •  Biofuel
  •  Hydrogen storage in metal nano structure
  •  Cyanobacteria based bioelectrode for biofuelcell applications
  •  Bioethanol, Bioprocessing, DNA bar coding
  •  Genetic materials in microalgae for biodiesel production
  •  Bio hydrogen production
  •  Fluid and Thermal Engineering
  •  Drying Technology and solar energy
  •  Bioremediation of Petroleum hydrocarbons
  •  Solar photovoltaics
  •  Wind energy
  •  Algae Cultivation
  •  Metabolic Regulation of Microalgae for Biofuels
  •  New microalgal strain for biofuel production