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Biogas development and training center (BDTC) for NE States, a mission, conceptualized, initiated and sponsored by MNRE, New Delhi was established at Centre for Energy, IIT Guwahati during February 2006.

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1. Training & motivation to different categories for popularization of biogas utilization.
2. To create a cadre of turnkey workers/private entrepreneurs in rural areas for setting up of biogas plants on turnkey basis and providing post installation servicing of plants as a self-employed vocation.
3. To create a cadre of masons and technician skilled in the construction and maintenance of biogas plants
4. To generate awareness amongst state level policy makers, administrators and planners about the national importance and promotion of biogas technology in rural areas.
5. Field survey of existing biogas digesters in NE region and create a data base.
6. R&D in the field of biogas.
7. To serve as forum of exchange of field orientation information and experiences among senior District level functionaries.
8. To develop a coordination among various agencies and organizations including Regional Biogas development and training centres which are directly involved in the implementation of biogas programme.
9. To provide information on new measures to be taken for implementation of National project on Biogas Development (NPBD).
10. To provide consultancy services to manufacturers, NGOs etc for developing and testing of new systems.
11. Installation of biogas digesters at subsidized rates , as per MNRE subsidy rate.


BDTC has been working with various State nodal agencies, NGO/Industry, financial Institutions and R&D groups to identify, formulate for promoting the NPBD by providing training to Turnkey workers, by conducting Construction cum Maintenance training, users training programme, by doing research in the areas of alternate feed material for biogas production, alternate material for fabrication of biogas plants which can be constructed my self-help groups and will provide employment for rural sectors. Also it is working in the improvisation of quality of biogas and more productive by product of slurry

Training programs

Training Programs concluded:

Users Training course on Biogas
Staff Training Course
Construction cum maintenance course
Turnkey workers training (TKW)