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Bioenergy Laboratory

The Bioenergy laboratory is developing the necessary knowledge and range of technologies to improve biofuel crops with more efficient biofuel and bioenergy. The lab is also involved in development of micropropagation technology for commercial scale production of clonal (genetically identical) plant materials of high yielding biofuel plants. The laboratory is also planning to employ automation (using bioreactor) in micropropgation to further reduce the cost of clonal plants.The lab is actively engaged in development of gene transfer techniques for Jatropha and Pongamia. Further, to develop efficient biofuel plants, introduction of candidate genes for fungal resistance in seeds, tolerance to water stagnation, improved biomass characteristics and better adaptable to adverse conditions is attempted.

The main research activities in the area of bioenergy involves the following :

  • - Micropropagation and Genetic Engineering of Bio Fuel plants
  • - Tissue culture of energy and bio-fuel crops
  • - Bioprocess Engineering for yielding value added products
  • - Genetic Engineering
  • - Extraction of oil and other value added products
  • - Microalgae based biodiesel production