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Biofuels Lab

The Biofuels Laboratory is primarily focused in developing a sustainable process design for various Biofuel productions and its bioconversion to various value added byproducts. This includes a number of research areas: This program includes

  • - Development of thermo-chemical and biochemical conversion routes to efficiently generate renewable biofuels (Bio-butanol, Bio-ethanol)from various feedstock types – rice straw, glycerol, lignocelluloses, Microalgae and Jatropa (Bio-diesel production).
  • - Synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon by Fischer-Tropsch process using various heterogeneous catalysts.
  • - UltraSound enhanced conversion of sugars to fuels and chemicals.
  • - Glycerol bioconversion to various value added product (1, 3-Propanediol, DHA)
  • - Biohydrogen production