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Process Dev Lab

The Process Development lab of School of Energy Science and Engineering has been developed at the Technology Complex (TC) to house the noisy, rugged and robust equipments. The major facilities in Process Development Lab are Gasification units (both Downdraft & Fluidized Bed), IC Engines setup, Pump testing setup, Gas to Liquid conversion setup and Biogas Development and Training Centre (BDTC). Some of the equipments available are Gas analyzer, Pelletizer, Gas Chromatograph, Fibre analysis system, etc. The biogas development and training centre (BDTC), funded by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), New Delhi has been functioning from the School of Energy Science and Engineering for promotion of biogas technology in the NE states since 2006. It is involved with activities such as providing training programme for turnkey workers, providing construction cum maintenance training, organization of users training and awareness programme, survey of and technical support to biogas digesters installed in different states of the NE India etc.