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"If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right"

Prof M S Swaminathan

Northeast India is a region of profuse biodiversity. The abrupt variations in the altitude and the presence of deep valleys provide a range of ecological variations thereby producing different types of climatic conditions that determines the vegetation pattern of this region. It is also regarded as one of the world's few biodiversity hotspots due to its extensively rich flora and fauna. In the recent times, the ongoing developmental pressures on the environment and the global losses in the biodiversity has instigated bio-conservation. ABL lab aims to develop strategies and biomarkers for conservation of few important plant species indigenous to the Northeast India. Medicinally important species like Zingiberaceae and high oil yielding plants like Pongamia, Jatropha, Ricinus and Mesua are investigated with this respect. Apart from conservation strategies, the ethanopharmacology of these plant species are also explored. Some of these plants are also active ingredients in ayurvedic formulations. Thus, natural products as individual compounds are being explored for possible herbal therapeutics against various human pathologies. In brief, Applied Biodiversity laboratory aims to develop the necessary knowledge and range of technologies to improve biofuel and medicinal crops.
            The lab also focuses on coming up with herbal therapeutic products from plant species indigenous to Northeast India.

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CONGRATULATIONS to Sanjana for publication in Journal of Molecular Liquids      

CONGRATULATIONS to Alok for publication in Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants      


CONGRATULATIONS to Nuzelu for getting first place in Flash and Poster Presentation, BSBB2022, IIT Guwahati.      

CONGRATULATIONS to Rubeka for getting first place in Scientific Writing Workshop, BSBB2022, IIT Guwahati.      

The database "NEZRC" is a web portal developed which is compilation of the diverse data, ranging from the morphological information to the molecular phylogeny of the plant belonging to the family Zingiberaceae. NEZRC is expected to be helpful for researchers as well as general users in data mining.

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2005 onwards taught different courses both at undergraduate and post graduate levels at Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering (earlier Biotechnology), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam (India). Read More
We offer Molecular validation of plants and their products, Genome size estimation of plants
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Conferences/Workshop/Symposium organized at IIT Guwahati or jointly with IIT Guwahati affiliation.
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