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Perturbed by this inadequate and below par financial literacy among school students in our nation, The Finance and Economics Club, IIT Guwahati introduced its initiative, TechnoFin in association with Technothlon,IIT Guwahati.

With the intention of catalysing the proliferation of financial literacy among Indian youth, TechnoFin aims to acquaint the school-going students with basic economic and financial concepts and terminology which, in turn, will hand over to them the required tools to cope up with the complex financial world outside and to manage their personal finances as well.

Career talks

Career Talks allow students to hear from real-life role models who can demonstrate the relevance and connection of what is taught in the classroom - because they are creating the jobs right now!

The goal of Career Talks is to equip students with the inspiration and information to make better-informed decisions about their future career paths.

We invited Raghav Mittal, who is the founder of Finance and economics club and is currently working as a Value Investor in Locus Investment Group to interact with students and tell them the insights about the industry.

The Team

Meet the Finance and Economics Club

Raghav Mittal

Finance and Economics Club

Manish Gurnani

Contact: +91 964 997 7558

Shrey Jain
Secretary 2018-19

Contact: +91 800 382 5647