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  1. Co-Investigator, Study of Glacial Dynamics and Sustainable Hydrological Resources in Arunachal Himalaya, sponsored by Strategic Programmes, Large Initiatives and Coordinated Action Enabler (SPLICE), Climate Change Programme, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India (On going).

  2. Principal Investigator, "Impact of Climate Change on the Integrated Flood Vulnerability Index of Hilly terrain", a collaborative project with Institut Teknologi Brunei and Curtin University, Malaysia, sponsored by AISTDF, Science & Engineering Research Board, DST (On going).

  3. Co-Investigator, "Archiving, modeling and visualization of the eco-cultural heritage of the Majuli River island of Assam", a collaborative project with Tezpur University Assam, sponsored by DST (On going).

  4. Co-Investigator, "Statistical Downscaling for Hydro-Climatic Projections with CMIP5 Simulation to Assess Impact of Climate Change", a collaborative project between IIT Guwahati, IIT Bombay, IISc Bangalore, IIT Gandhinagar and IIT Kanpur,  sponsored by Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India through National Institute of Hydrology Roorkee.

  5. Principal Investigator, "Numerical modeling based study for assessing quality of groundwater of Bharalu River basin of Guwahati city", Sponsored by NRDMS (DST).

  6. Co-Investigator, "Mathematical Modelling of River Brahmaputra with Emphasis on Climate Change", Sponsored by Brahmaputra Board.

  7. Principal Investigator, "Development of efficient management methodology of an aquifer using artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms", Sponsored by IIT Guwahati.

  8. Co-Investigator, "Center of Excellence for Integrated land use planning and water resource management", Sponsored by Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India.

  9. Co-Investigator, "Event based flood forecasting model for flood hazard mitigation", Sponsored by AICTE.

  10. Co Investigator, "A Modeling Based Study Towards Mitigating Fluoride Contamination Hazards in the Affected Areas of Guwahati City", Sponsored by NRDMS (DST).


  1. Drainage issue of the AIIMS campus at Changsari, Guwahati [AIIMS Guwahati]

  2. Dam break analysis and disaster management plan of Ronganadi HE Plant [Sponsored by North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd., Shillong, Meghalaya]

  3. Technical Study to prevent Water Logging in Diphu Medical College and Hospital [Health and Family Welfare Dept., Govt. of Assam]

  4. Dam break analysis and disaster management plan of Kapili HE Plant [Sponsored by North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd., Shillong, Meghalaya]

  5. Hydraulic Transient Analysis of 24 km Pipeline Project of NTPC at Gadarwara [Sponsored by JITF Water Infrastructure Ltd, New Delhi]

  6. Dam break analysis and disaster management plan of Doyang Dam [Sponsored by North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd., Shillong, Meghalaya]

  7. Dewatering problem of Brabhag Drainage Scheme. [Sponsored by Brahmaputra Board, Guwahati]

  8. Morphological Studies of Rivers Brahmaputra, Subansiri and Pagladiya using Remote Sensing Techniques. [Sponsored by Morphology Directorate Central Water Commission New Delhi]

  9. Design of Water Storage Reservoir in the Additional Land of NIT Meghalaya at Sohra (Cherapunjee), Meghalaya. [Sponsored by National Institute of Technology Meghalaya

  10. Transient Analysis of pipe flow for NTPC GADARWARA Project. [Sponsored by JITF Water Infrastructure Ltd, New Delhi]

  11. Design of pumps and pipelines from boring to overhead tank at NIPER, Guwahati project. [Sponsored by Prasad Associates, Secunderabad].

  12. Mathematical model study for determining suitability of  the proposed bank protection measures for the affected areas from Dhing to Hilloikhunda located on the left bank of river Brahmaputra. [Sponsored by Department of Water Resource, Govt. of Assam].

  13. Review of the Report on Mishap at Myntdu Leshka hydroelectric project on 8th October 2009 [Sponsored by Meghalaya State Electricity Board (MSEB), Shillong.]

  14. Details hydrological study of the Dikrong-Panyor river basin and its impact in the downstream. [Sponsored by North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd., Shillong, Meghalaya].

  15. Performance Evaluation of River Training Work taken up at Brahmaputra River Dholahati[Sponsored by Brahmaputra Board, Govt. of India, 2010]

  16. Performance evaluation study of anti-erosion measure scheme for avulsion of the Brahmaputa river at Dholla- Hatighuli. [Sponsored by Brahmaputra Board, Guwahati].

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